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Rotating Cake Decorating Stand from China

cake decoration on a stand Decorating cakes is a tricky business. After all, it must be covered with an even layer of glaze and draw the perfect picture. You have to constantly run around the table to create a truly beautiful cake..

Therefore, a rotating cake stand is in great demand on the market today. It allows you to quickly turn the cake in any direction thanks to the built-in bearing. Every pastry chef who wants to create a unique dessert should have such a device..

rotating stand for cake decoration In addition, on the rotating stand, you can not only decorate the cake, but also serve it on the table. A presentation like this with a spinning dessert will only whet the appetite of every guest. Plus, you no longer have to look for a plate of the right size..

making a cake is easy and simpleAdvantages of the rotating cake stand:

  1. Simplicity. All you need to do is simply turn the stand. No other action is required..
  2. Speed. The stand rotates pretty quickly in either direction.
  3. Strength. This fixture can handle any cake. Moreover, due to the sufficient weight, the stand will not tip over during decoration..
  4. Versatility. Since most cakes are made round, the base is created in the same shape. In addition, this device is suitable for both home decoration and professional.
  5. Compactness. The rotating cake stand does not take up much space in the kitchen.
  6. Purity. After work, you just need to rinse the stand under running water.

practical cake standA rotating cake stand is a must have for every housewife who bakes and decorates cakes. But one question remains: how much does it cost? In online stores in Ukraine and Russia, the device is sold for 680 rubles. Quite expensive price.stand for the cake in the online store

But on the Aliexpress website, the same stand will cost only 129 rubles. This price is perfect for this product. After all, it is almost 5 times less than that required by a domestic manufacturer..stand for cake on Aliexpress

Features of the spinning cake stand:

  • material – food grade plastic;
  • diameter – 28 cm;
  • height – 8 cm;
  • White color;
  • shape – round.

As you can see, it is best to order a rotating cake stand on the Aliexpress website. After all, a Chinese product differs from a domestic one only in price..

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