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Window cleaning brush made in China

brush my windows It is quite difficult to keep a country house clean. All surfaces, especially in the warm season, are attacked by flies, polluted by dust and dirt, which are much more in rural areas than in urban areas. Therefore, cleaning a country house, especially in summer, requires a lot of time and effort..

brush magic Washing windows is one of the most time-consuming and time-consuming processes in cleaning, and every housewife dreams that this process will become faster and more enjoyable. This is possible with a modern window brush..

brush on AliexpressThe Magic brush, presented at the Chinese hypermarket Aliexpress, fully justifies its name. This small item is capable of performing two functions at the same time – a detergent and a cloth for washing. The brush is equipped with a special bottle filled with detergent. The principle of its operation is that a liquid is sprayed from a bottle onto a glass surface, which is then used by a brush when cleaning..

glass cleaning brushThe main characteristics of the “Magic” window brush:

  • included: plastic bottle, aluminum brush holder, silicone scraper;
  • presented in three colors: blue, red, yellow;
  • size: 30 × 28.5cm.

quickly and efficientlyThe brush is suitable for washing:

  • double-glazed windows;
  • glass doors;
  • glass tables and stands.

package from AliexpressThe cost of the lot on the Aliexpress website is 256 rubles. An analysis of Russian websites selling household goods showed that buying at a Chinese hypermarket is the most profitable option. For comparison, the price on Russian sites for a similar product varies from 500 to 2000 rubles.

brush in the online storeThe Magic brush has been presented on the site for a long time and has managed to win the recognition of buyers from all over the world. The vast majority of reviews are positive. Customers note that the brush does its job perfectly: cleans any glass surface without leaving streaks and consuming a small amount of detergent.

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