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Solar Powered Garden Fountain Made in China

the fountain works A small fountain made in China will become a decoration of the garden..

fountain for aliexpress On the Russian-language website “Aliexpress” it can be ordered for 780 rubles, while it costs about 2000 rubles on Russian portals..

solar energy storeNo fee is charged for the delivery of China, and the World of Solar Energy company is ready to provide free shipping only for orders of 3000 rubles or more..

fountain in the pondThe fountain is powered by the energy of the sun. Unlike similar products, its body serves as a solar battery, in the middle of which a low hollow tube is attached. Through this tube, the water rises to the spray nozzle.

spray nozzlesThere are 3 of them in the set, although they do not give a special variety of water spraying. The hollow bushing is modular, due to which its fastening to the body is reliable.

The fountain receives energy from the sun through a round floating base with a diameter of 50 cm. This decoration can be installed in an artificial pond, a pool (even an inflatable one), a special or improvised bowl. The larger the body of water, the more interesting the fountain looks..

solar fountainThe power of the motor is 7V, approximately the same voltage is given by chargers for push-button phones. The motor is attached to the bottom of the battery. It has a rectangular shape, which gives a slight distortion of the round base when installed on water.

fountain with decoration on aliexpressDecorative additions that increase the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe base will help to avoid a slight tilt. The cost of a fountain with decorative design doubles.

online store of UkraineAs you can see from the photo, the green polyvinyl chloride imitation of a lily leaf, water lily, lotus organically fits into the landscape of an artificial pond. The quiet operation of the pump does not scare away ornamental fish. The floating fountain with a low-power pump is the perfect decoration that will not disturb the peace of the underwater inhabitants. The pump is closed with a plastic casing. Small filter holes will protect the motor from damage, and small inhabitants of the pond from injury and death.fountain with decoration

Another disadvantage of the fountain is that it will not work in the absence of the sun for a long time. The more intense the sunlight, the greater the jet pressure. In a similar fountain, which is attached to the bottom of the bowl with suction cups, it is possible to connect to the network via an adapter, this device is not provided for such use. The difference between the fountains at a price (from the website of supplies from China) is within 300 rubles.

More information about the fountain with the ability to work from the mains can be found in the video:

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