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White mushroom seeds sent from China

mushrooms in the country A mushroom hike is one of the most important activities at the end of the summer cottage season. Due to lack of time, many mushroom pickers deny themselves forest walks and fill baskets at brisk sellers on the highway.

Collecting white, chanterelles, honey agarics and other mushrooms is a whole science, but it is even more difficult to grow them on your own in a summer cottage. “Mushroom” garden on six acres will bring you a guaranteed harvest regardless of the weather, because you can now create all the conditions for favorable growth yourself.

mushroom mycelium The first step to the arrangement of the “plantation” is the transplantation of the mycelium. The method is quite laborious, and it is difficult to keep the mycelium intact. Fortunately, in Russian online stores you can buy ready-made mycelium at any time..

The most popular is the porcini mushroom – the most valuable among the edible counterparts. Experts recommend planting mycelium in the area next to coniferous and deciduous trees. Sowing time: no later than mid-September. In the case of arranging your own “mushroom plantation”, you should be patient, because fruiting will take place only after a year.

white mushroom seedsThe mycelium of the porcini mushroom will cost 150 rubles. According to the reviews of experienced gardeners, subject to all conditions, an artificial mycelium brings from 2 to 5 kilograms per season.

mushroom seeds on AliexpressIt is not difficult to find a similar product on the AliExpress website. Sowing and growing process from “Chinese” seeds deserves special attention. In the end, not a single buyer has been able to get the flowers, fruits or vegetables shown in the bright pictures. Price for 100 pcs. porcini mushroom seeds in a package – 44 rubles.

Seeds instead of mycelium are the main thing that amazes me after opening the package. Unfortunately, the “unique” cultivation method invented by Chinese sellers does not work. The seeds are more like grass for a lawn, and even a “bonus” in the form of Chinese purple rose seeds is unlikely to correct the situation..

mycelium of various mushroomsIn this case, buyers do not feel sorry for the money spent on the order, but for their efforts and time. Reviews unanimously advise against ordering any seeds on AliExpress. To organize an artificial mycelium, it is better to buy mycelium in one of the domestic online stores. The assortment includes substrates for growing champignons, russula, camelina, porcini mushrooms, boletus mushrooms, oil cans, aspen mushrooms and even black truffles.

Where to buy mushroom mycelium – video

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