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Pruner for grafting plants on Aliexpress

reliable assistant Pruning plants is a must-have procedure in horticulture, which is necessary to remove dried twigs or to create a crown. Also, pruning can be done for the purpose of thinning or grafting plants..

In order to carry out any of the above tasks, you will need special garden shears. A quality product must have the following properties:

  1. Sharp blades. They allow you to quickly trim the plant without splitting its fibers..
  2. Availability of depreciation system.
  3. Parts made of stainless material.

It should be noted that in most domestic stores, secateurs are very expensive and do not always have decent quality..pruner in the online store

In order not to overpay and get a good product, you can make a purchase on the Aliexpress website. pruner from china

The cost of garden shears from a Chinese manufacturer is 766 rubles. All buyers have access to the opportunity to arrange free shipping worldwide.

handy tool

The scissors are made of carbon steel, ABS and aluminum. Sharp blades allow you to quickly cope with the work and preserve the structure of plant tissues at the cut. Black color.

cut qualityThe pruner has a non-slip handle, thanks to which the gardener’s hand will not get tired. The product is delivered in a sealed box with two additional blades included. The pruner is equipped with a versatile mechanism that is suitable for pruning, grafting, dilution and other tasks.

Detailed information about the product in a video review from one of the buyers:

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