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Decorative lighting from China to illuminate paths on the site

Home garden decorative lighting Decorative light is one of the basic necessities for owners of their own sites. When planning outdoor lighting, the following principles must be observed:

  • so that the light can work all year round, it is necessary to choose a product exclusively from high-quality and durable equipment that can maintain serviceability after bad weather, heat, frost.
  • it is necessary to organize the lighting of the paths so that there is no discomfort while moving around the site at night.

You can buy good lighting for garden paths from Chinese manufacturers on Aliexpress.. Decorative lighting from China

Lamp characteristics: solar power supply, aluminum body, IP65 protection according to international standard, number of bulbs – 1, battery – 1.2V / 600mAh. Lighting color: soft white light.

During the day, the device absorbs light, and at night it givesThe lamp is capable of illuminating 10-15 square meters. There is an on / off button on the panel. Several spare bulbs are included with each luminaire.Lamp operation at night

The battery allows you to get the required amount of charge during the sunny time of the day. After charging with solar energy, the lamp brightly illuminates the territory all evening and all night..

The cost of a street lamp in the online storeThe cost of goods from a Chinese manufacturer is not much lower than the price in domestic online stores. For example, the purchase of one such lamp on Aliexpress will cost you 1,567 rubles. While in the CIS countries the average cost of one unit of such lighting will cost 1,700-2,000 rubles.

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