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Choosing a Practical Citrus Lemon Juicer From China

simple citrus juicer Many famous culinary experts recommend adding lemon or lime juice to various dishes. But during home cooking, things go wrong, and usually housewives add a lot more lemon juice than required. Therefore, the question arises: how to squeeze out exactly as much juice from citrus as you need?

The answer is simple: you need to use a special juicer. It is embedded directly into the fruit itself. Since the sprayer is made in a spray form, it will be difficult to overdo it with lemon juice in your meal. After all, just one or two clicks are enough.

using a citrus juicer for cooking meat To use the juicer, you must first cut off the top of the lemon. Since the device has the shape of a corkscrew, it can be screwed into the fruit, which is on a special stand, with light movements. That’s it, now you just need to spray the lemon juice. After use, you can also quickly and easily unscrew the juicer and rinse it under running water.

simple practical deviceLemon Juicer Benefits:

  1. Simplicity. Now you do not need to cut the lemon in half, look for some kind of bowl for juice, make every effort to squeeze out. Everything is as simple as ever.
  2. Speed. Juicing process takes place in seconds.
  3. Purity. It will be harder to get your hands dirty with lemon juice now..
  4. Versatility. This juicer can be used not only for lemon, but also for other juicy fruits..

using a citrus juicerThis juicer is an indispensable item in the kitchen. How much does it cost? For 430 rubles, online stores in Russia and Ukraine offer as many as two sprayers. The price is, of course, decent.citrus juicer online store

But the Aliexpress website offers the same two sprayers for only 72 rubles. This price will appeal to every chef. After all, the amount for a Chinese product differs from the domestic one by almost 4 times..citrus juicer on Aliexpress

Features of China Lemon Juice Sprayer:

  • material – plastic;
  • color – random;
  • the set includes two sprayers, which differ in size;
  • long spray length – 10 cm;
  • short spray length – 8 cm;
  • there is a fruit stand in which the sprayer is built.

As you can see, it is best to order your lemon juice dispenser directly from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, the characteristics of the Chinese and domestic products are the same, but the price is several times lower.

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