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Warm seedling mat made in China

seedling Preparation for the summer cottage begins in March. Lovers of fresh vegetables grown in their own garden gradually begin to select seeds and prepare for seedling care.

If you first decided to start growing sweet peppers, tomatoes or cucumbers, be sure to study the recommendations of experts. The main condition for the successful germination of seeds is warmth. A typical beginner’s mistake is placing a container with seedlings on the windowsill, where, after turning off the heating, the temperature can be even lower than in the apartment.warm mat for seedlings

If you have certain skills, you can make a device for heating the root system yourself or purchase a special “warm” mat in the online store. This household appliance is in demand due to its versatility. In autumn, using an infrared mat, you can dry fruits, in winter you can tidy up your shoes after a long walk, and in spring you can grow beautiful seedlings..rug in the online store

The outside of the product is covered with a moisture-proof material that can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or brush. The cable length is 1 meter, the power is 25 W. Temperature control not provided.

The cost of a seedling heater in Russian online stores ranges from 700 to 1000 rubles. On the AliExpress trading platform, “warm” rugs are also presented, the parameters of which have minimal differences. For example, the power of the device is 18 W, and the cord length is 1.85 meters.

good application resultCustomers note that when using a mat with an infrared element, seeds germinate 25-40% faster due to direct heating of the soil. The product from the Middle Kingdom perfectly fulfills its functions, and also does not have an unpleasant odor. In addition, economical heating of plants will have almost no effect on energy consumption..

healthy seedlingsWhen using a seedling warmer, the seller recommends following two simple rules:

  1. Do not immerse the product in water or other liquid.
  2. Do not install it near heating devices and insulating materials.

rug on AliexpressOn the AliExpress website, the cost of a “warm” rug is about 1100 rubles. It is a little more expensive than in domestic online stores, so some buyers do not advise wasting time waiting for a parcel from China, but place an order in the near future..

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