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Universal mug for sifting flour with Aliexpress

universal sieve mug Flour is the most important ingredient in almost all dishes. But it must be sifted before adding it to the dish. Otherwise, the baking will turn out to be less lush, various impurities (for example, starch) will remain in the flour, and you may not even notice small insects that like to wind up in flour. However, after all, there is not always enough time to sift the flour, and you have to add not sifted flour.

That is why a special mug appeared on the market that can quickly sift flour. It is enough to make a couple of movements to rid the flour of various impurities and saturate it with oxygen.

sieve mug device Using the flour sifting mug is quite simple. First you need to pour the right amount of flour into the mug. And then you just need to press the handle, thanks to which the flour will be sifted. That, in fact, is all. Now flour can be used to prepare any dishes.

Benefits of the flour sifting mug:

  1. Simplicity. A few quick movements – and the flour is sifted.
  2. Speed. In a couple of minutes, you can sift the required amount of flour.
  3. Versatility. In this mug, you can sift not only flour, but also cocoa, powdered sugar, and so on..
  4. No shaking. Now, to sift flour, you do not need to shake the sieve with all your might. It is enough just to press the handle of the mug.
  5. Small size. The diameter of the mug is not so large, so the flour will not wake up past the bowl on the table and floor.

flour sifting mugThe flour sifting mug is a useful tool that should be in the arsenal of every culinary specialist. However, how much does it cost? In Ukrainian and Russian online stores, a mug for sifting flour costs 556 rubles. Suitable price for this item.sieve mug in the online store

However, on Aliexpress, the same mug costs only 196 rubles. It is for such a price that you really need to purchase this device. After all, it really comes in handy in the kitchen.sieve mug on Aliexpress

Characteristics of the flour sifting mug:

  • material – stainless steel;
  • diameter – 10 cm;
  • height – 9 cm.

stainless steel sieve mugAs you can see, every housewife needs a mug for sifting flour. But you should only buy this device directly from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, the domestic manufacturer indicates a rather high price, but the characteristics of the goods do not differ at all.

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