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Meatball Forming Machine from China

fry the meatballs Meatballs are a simple and tasty dish that both adults and children love. However, it takes too long to prepare. That is why many housewives prefer to cook ordinary soup with pieces of meat, or simply fry it..

meatball maker However, not so long ago a special device for forming meatballs appeared on the market. It makes the meatballs much easier to form. The kit includes a spatula and a groove. The spatula can be used on one side or the other. Only one side is slightly smaller than the other. Thus, you can create meatballs of different sizes..

Using the meatball maker is quite simple. First you need to fill the groove with minced meat. Then place the spatula at such a distance from the edge that you end up with a small meatball. After that, you need to gently move the meatball with a spatula into boiling water or sauce. That’s all, the meatballs are ready.

convenient and practical toolAdvantages of the Meatball Maker:

  1. Simplicity. Now you don’t need to manually shape the meatballs.
  2. Speed. Almost a kilogram of minced meat can be processed in a few minutes.
  3. Purity. Both the spatula and the groove are quickly cleaned in running water.
  4. Compactness. The device takes up little space in the kitchen.
  5. Versatility. The paddle allows you to make both small and large meatballs.

meatball tool in online storeEvery housewife should have a device for cooking meatballs. But there is one important question: how much does it cost? In online stores in Russia and Ukraine, such a device costs 354 rubles. Quite inexpensive.

Meatball Tool on AliexpressBut on the Aliexpress website, the same product is sold for only 61 rubles. For the price it is really worth getting this device. After all, you can use it to make meatballs every day..

plastic toolCharacteristics of the Meatball Maker:

  • material – plastic;
  • groove length – 24 cm;
  • groove width – 3.5 cm;
  • blade length – 22 cm;
  • the width of the large side of the scapula – 3.7 cm;
  • the length of the small side of the scapula is 2.7 cm;
  • White color.

As you can see, it is best to order a device for making meatballs on the Aliexpress website. After all, a Chinese manufacturer offers to buy this product for a much lower price, unlike a domestic manufacturer.

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