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Fancy silicone syringe from China

silicone syringe from china Many housewives buy ready-made cakes in supermarkets, as they do not know how to decorate them beautifully. Indeed, it seems that special knowledge and skills are required to create an unusual cake. However, this is far from the case, and every housewife can create a unique dessert. After all, for this it is enough to purchase a silicone syringe. This device allows you to quickly, beautifully and unusually decorate the cake..

silicone syringe tips In addition, the set comes with 4 different attachments that allow you to experiment every time. And it is not necessary to decorate the cake. Various sauces can perfectly complement any dish, and the silicone syringe allows you to beautifully place it on a plate.

practical handy syringeUsing a silicone syringe is easy. After all, first you need to remove the lid and fill the syringe with the required mixture. Then close the lid tightly and put on the selected attachment. That’s all, you can create and create unique masterpieces.

The advantages of a silicone syringe:

  1. Simplicity. Open the lid, fill with the mixture, close the lid, put on the nozzle – everything is really simple.
  2. Multiple use. This device can be used an unlimited number of times..
  3. Purity. The silicone syringe is easy to clean both in the dishwasher and by hand.
  4. Versatility. The syringe can be filled with any mixture, including ketchup and mayonnaise, to serve even the simplest dishes in an unusual way.

the product is easy to cleanA hostess who loves to decorate cakes beautifully will definitely need a silicone syringe. Various attachments help create unique masterpieces.

silicone syringe onlineIn online stores in the CIS countries, a silicone syringe costs 370 rubles. Quite a good price for such a device.

silicone syringe on AliexpressBut on the Aliexpress website, a silicone syringe is sold for only 78 rubles. Of course, this device is worth buying for this amount..

Features of China Silicone Syringe:

  • syringe material – silicone;
  • nozzle material – plastic;
  • number of nozzles – 3;
  • diameter – 9 cm;
  • Brown color.

Thus, it is much more profitable to make a purchase of a silicone syringe in a Chinese online store. After all, the price here is quite low, which allows you to buy a quality product without overpaying.

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