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Kitchen appliances – REDMOND multicooker from China

multicooker redmond from China Cooking delicious meals takes a lot of time and effort. In this case, the hostess uses not only her knowledge, but also many technological processes. As the pace of life is gaining momentum, something has to be sacrificed, but not a healthy diet. In this regard, the REDMOND company offers home cooks a unique multi-kitchen of the new generation. In one bottle, buyers will receive:

  • oven;
  • multicooker;
  • stove.

This miracle technique is made taking into account the needs and wishes of consumers. The RMK-M452 will help the hobbyist prepare the most complex recipes that require the utmost precision. For this, it is equipped with powerful functionality..

All inclusive

the appearance of the redmond multicooker Thanks to the 13 built-in automatic programs, cooking is made much easier. They allow you to calculate the stewing or frying time, as well as set the required t °. Busy mothers will appreciate the following features of the device:

  1. “Multipovar”. Setting the temperature in the range from 30 ° С to 180 ° С (step – 5 degrees), as well as time – from several minutes to 15 hours.
  2. Timer. The ability to postpone the launch for a certain period, even up to 24 hours.
  3. “MasterchefRai”. The set includes special tongs with which you can lift the hot heating element. With one movement of the hand, the multicooker turns into a hob with a hob. A wide variety of other dishes can be cooked using heat-resistant pans..Teng multicooker
  4. “Masterchef Light”. Changing the parameters of the cooking process during operation. This allows you to correct the temperature regime in the event of force majeure situations.

compact sizeThe advantages also include the fact that the housewife does not have to follow every process. The multikitchen will do everything herself. After the expiration of the time, the technique switches to the automatic heating mode, which lasts up to 12 hours. This function is a real find for those who have a girl’s memory. In addition, this allows mom to be away for a few hours. Moreover, coming home from work, a business woman will be able to sit at the table, and without rolling up her sleeves, cook at the open-hearth.

Technical highlights

control PanelThe front panel is equipped with a convenient display and six contrast buttons. For ease of use, pictures of modes or functions are shown on each of them. Although familiarization with the instructions does not hurt. The kit includes:

  • Deep bowl for 5 liters. It has a ceramic non-stick coating, thus allowing the hostess not to use oil. This is a great chance for those on a diet..multicooker bowl and pan
  • Frying pan. The diameter is 200 mm and the board height is 48 mm. Thanks to the flat surface and special coating, the vegetable oil is distributed throughout the pan, rather than accumulating in one part. The products are fried evenly and are juicy. The handle is removable.
  • Collection of accessories. A plastic scoop and a handy spoon are provided for mixing and removing food. However, they do not scratch the non-stick surface. To bring her culinary fantasies to life, the hostess can use a steamer container, measuring glass and tongs.set of accessories

The starting point for a home master chef is a recipe book with a detailed description of 120 dishes. With the REDMOND RMK-M452 multicooker, the family will enjoy delicious meals, and mom will have peace of mind..

multicooker on AliexpressIt is better to buy such luxurious equipment on Aliexpress for only 3 355 rubles, but this is already at a discount. multicooker in the online storeIn online stores in Russia, its cost is slightly higher.

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