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Save time and effort with a metering seeder from China

metering seeder from China Warming and the first rays of the spring sun are driving gardeners to their plantations. Yet for real “patriots” of agriculture, this time begins much earlier, back in February, when they are busy with greenhouses. Therefore, you cannot do without a small but very successful metering seeder from China. The simplicity of the device allows this thing to be used even by a novice gardener..

The third hand of the gardener

The seeds of carrots, turnips, cabbage, parsley, arugula and other vegetables are quite miniature. And the fingers of the farmer twist them convulsively so as not to drop them. However, they still lose a third of these carriers of DNA during inoculation. To avoid this and to do such a responsible job with high quality, jewelry precision is needed. In this regard, the metering seeder has the structure:

  1. Capacious seed container.capacious container
  2. Transparent lid so you can control your content stock. It has a dial with six divisions. There is a hole under each one for a specific grain size. Therefore, both 1 mm and 10 mm seeds can be sown..transparent cover
  3. A tapered groove that is more than 6 cm long. The tip of the body is cut and will serve as a marker. Then, when seeding, the groove will become clearer if you apply a little pressure on the drill. As a result, the grains fall evenly and immediately into a small depression..filling and using the metering seeder

This elementary design contributes to an even distribution of seeds over the surface of the bed. It is a pleasure to work with this dispenser. The disc-shaped base fits the palm of your hand for a comfortable grip. The rim of the cover as well as the outer sides of the groove have a ribbed structure. Thus, the seeder does not slip out of hands during operation..seeder-metering dimensions

User tips

practical application of the metering seederIt is important to understand that such miniature tools are suitable for a small garden. If you need to sow several kilograms of seeds or process tens of square meters. m of land, it is better to purchase larger seeders. Yet this mini seed spreader is a perennial favorite for gardeners. You need to use it like this:

  • fill the container to half;
  • close tightly with a lid;
  • turn the dial disc in accordance with the required grain caliber;
  • shake the contents;
  • tilt the seeder slightly;
  • by tapping on the top of the lid or on the side of the chute, start sowing seeds.

seeder-metering machine on AliexpressThere are special divisions at the bottom of the “nose” – three transverse stripes. They serve to separate the grains, preventing them from sticking together. Such a miracle device can be ordered on the Aliexpress website for only 40 rubles (no discount 53). Despite being a Chinese product, it is made of durable plastic. Although the lid may stick a little. seeder metering machine in the online storeThe price for these products in ordinary online stores ranges from 68 to 150 rubles. In this case, the client will also pay for delivery..

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