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Lunch box from China and your lunch is always at hand

lunch box from China A lunch box from China will help you enjoy mouth-watering meals in a work environment. This unique container keeps food warm and flavorful. At the same time, it amazes with its amazing features..

Systematic malnutrition most often leads to complete exhaustion of the body. The organs, and then the cells, begin to absorb their own energy reserves. As a result, they go on to “eat” vital proteins. As a result, a person becomes vulnerable to all kinds of diseases. To protect yourself, especially when working on a construction site or in a vegetable garden, you should always have a tasty / nutritious lunch with you..compact size

The tray has a fairly compact dimensions. The length is 21.5 cm, and the width is 15 cm.The height of the compartments is 7 cm.

I carry everything with me

No matter how tasty food is served in cafes or canteens, homemade food does not compare with them. A mom or wife cooks better than any high-end restaurant chef. After such a dinner, a feeling of satiety comes, and the mood rises. A unique device will help you bring a breath of home comfort with you to the office or to the garden..

Plastic containerThe container is made of high quality food plastic (grade PP-5). This can be seen even with the naked eye. The material is dense enough, so it will not deform with temperature drops. The advantage of this lunch box is that it can be used to:

  • heating in the microwave;
  • freezing in the freezer;
  • dishwasher safe.

In addition, the products are classified as unbreakable tableware. If the tray accidentally falls, then you don’t have to worry that it will crack or burst.. spoon and sticksAmong other things, the kit includes Chinese sticks and a small spoon. Cutlery made of stainless steel.

The total volume of the offered product is 1,000 ml. It fits several dishes. There are 3 sections for this: side dish, salad and meat dish. There is also a miniature container for sauce or other liquids, which is hermetically sealed with a lid.

full lunch

The perfect embodiment of design ideas

The tray is rectangular. The rounded edges make it practical to use. If the packages said thank you, the owner would hear the words of gratitude every day. In the upper part of the lunch box, there is a compartment for cutlery. It closes with a tight button.

sealed containerThe sky blue tint of this compartment makes the container look special. Rubber gaskets on the main cover not only harmoniously complement the design, but also contribute to the tightness of the structure. Tight snaps are attached to each side.

lunch box at AliexpressYou can buy such a “helper” on Aliexpress. The cost of the device ranges from 461 – 488 rubles. lunch box in the online storeIn stores, similar products are 2 times more expensive – 1,920 rubles. Moreover, the volume of the box is 500 ml. It comes with only 2 compartments.

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