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Chinese router for home carpentry workshop

milling machine from China Wooden windows, skirting boards, doors, furniture and other structures are assembled with the participation of a milling machine. It is so easy and comfortable to work with a hand tool that even beginners can cope with complex tasks. An inexpensive version of such a technique is presented on Aliexpress..

From characteristics to business

Grooves and holes, edges and splines, chamfering and quartering are all problematic to do manually. In this case, the most accurate result is required. Therefore, when buying a machine from China, you should pay attention to its characteristics:

  1. Power. The potential of the electric motor is 1200 W. This indicator increases the productivity of the equipment, as well as the range of work performed by it. The widest long cutters are selected for it. As a result, the master will be able to work for a long time with the unit and without interruption..
  2. Speed. The motor makes the spindle rotate at a frequency of 15 to 30 thousand rpm. Thanks to this, the cuts are extremely smooth and accurate. But working with oversized equipment, the machine does not need such a “crazy” speed.
  3. Embedment depth. It indicates the functionality of the technology and is considered one of the important indicators. A special ruler allows you to determine the accuracy of cutting a wooden surface up to 0.1 mm. The head penetrates into the depth of the structure by 20-50 mm.embedment depth
  4. Collet diameter. The device is suitable for mounting cutters with a diameter of up to 8 mm.

Experts advise not to cut a hole too deep at a time, especially in hardwood structures.

Since the material can be very expensive, a special sliding coating on the platform protects the craft from damage. The support is made of die-cast aluminum. Secured with secure screws.reliable fastening

Appearance matters

equipmentThe external characteristics of the appliance affect the comfort of the carpenter’s work. The Chinese router is equipped with rubberized handles that mimic the shape of a human palm. If the hands of the master sweat, the apparatus will not be able to slip away from him. A long 2-meter cord allows you to move freely around the room with the equipment. In addition, it will be difficult to work without:

  • parallel stop;
  • collet 6 mm;
  • two guides;
  • emphasis;
  • vacuum cleaner connection;
  • cutters;
  • copy sleeve;
  • key for the cartridge;
  • a set of carbon brushes;
  • tap.

This whole set comes with the milling machine. You can buy such a unique car on the Aliexpress site for only 3,155 rubles. milling machine on AliexpressCustomers say they are happy with the purchase. Although at first an unpleasant odor emanates from a working device. milling machine in online storesIn other hardware stores, a router model with the same characteristics costs from 4 to 7 thousand.

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