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Sphagnum moss from China – an orchid for paradise

sphagnum moss from china Soil is the most valuable link in the life of a culture. This is especially true for tropical flowers. The soil substrate for such specimens should be as close as possible to the natural conditions of a tropical plant. For this reason, millions of gardeners are trying to use sphagnum moss from China (Latin for “sponge”). Its unique hygroscopic and antibacterial properties are appreciated by flower growers. Moreover, the material contributes to an even distribution of moisture in the soil. You can order a unique product on the Aliexpress trading platform. At the same time, the quality will delight buyers.

Use the dried plant as a mulching agent, which should be changed every year. It is also excellent for breeding young seedlings or babies. For some, this substance has helped revive dying orchids..

Why sphagnum moss

compact packaging At the beginning of the review, it is worth paying attention to the features of the products. The order comes in the form of an opaque plastic bag. One pressed briquette should yield up to 12 liters of fluffy natural linen. According to buyers, the package weighs 250 g. The substrate itself is dry and not overripe. All fibers up to 10 cm in length are in good condition. Natural material surpasses goods bought on the regular market in all respects.

pressed briquetteIt is noteworthy, but many varieties of sphagnum rot / deteriorate after 6-8 months. However, this moss retains all its properties for a long time, saturating the soil with useful microelements:

  • nitrogen;
  • iron;
  • phosphorus;
  • calcium;
  • gray;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium.

improves soil qualityIn addition, it increases the acidity of the earth. Because of this, when mixing the material with other components, its percentage in the soil should not exceed 10%. Among other things, sphagnum absorbs calcium and magnesium salts accumulated on the surface, which inhibit the development of the orchid..

Before using it, it is recommended to scald it with boiling water and soak it in warm water. When the mass has absorbed enough liquid, it should be gently squeezed out. Some people practice putting the substrate in an airtight bag..

Several options for sphagnum moss are presented on the Aliexpress website. sphagnum moss on AliexpressThe lowest price per unit of goods with a volume of 12 liters is 216 rubles. However, you should be especially careful, since delivery is paid – 53 rubles. sphagnum moss in the online storeStill, the total cost is several times cheaper than in ordinary online stores. There you will have to pay 950 rubles for the products..

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