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A vegetable holder from China is convenient and practical

vegetable holder from china How much torment and painstaking work the cutting of vegetables brings to the hostess. Especially when you have to do it as accurately as possible. No matter how hard she tries, it still turns out uneven and ugly slices. However, the unique vegetable holder from China will help you complete the task quickly, easily and with excellent results..

Squeeze and enjoy the mode

durable plastic This extraordinary kitchen tool is made of durable plastic. Although the “tentacles” are quite thin, they still have unique flexibility. Some people point out that this may make the slicing process inconvenient..

even cuttingThe fasteners on the handle are made of stainless steel and are a cast plate. The wide grip fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Other characteristics of the holder include:

  1. Number of sections. The ability to cut a vegetable into 8 pieces.
  2. Thin slicing. A slice is obtained with a thickness of 8-10 mm.
  3. Tight clamp. The product fits snugly into the halves and does not slip on them.
  4. Original design. On one side of the tongs, there are handles that serve as both a stand and a clothespin.

Thanks to the plastic base, the item will not oxidize. At the same time, the unpleasant taste of metal will not spoil the sophistication of the dish. This often happens when using a comb holder..

Still, it should be understood that too large tomatoes or apples will not pass through the opening of the device. Therefore, they have to be divided in half. Moreover, it is problematic to keep potatoes and lemon in them, because the divisions are too fine. If you cut not very quickly, then the chef will cope with them..

Other areas of application

holder useYou can use the vegetable holder from China not only for slicing fruits and vegetables. Often in the confectionery business you cannot do without a third hand. The magician often needs to carefully lay out the raw cake on a baking sheet. If you do it with your hands, then you can crush the future masterpiece. And with the help of such plastic forceps, it is very easy to carry out the procedure without defects. Nevertheless, it is better to powder the clamps with flour so that the dough does not stick..

we get the dessert out of the ovenAlternatively, the holder is convenient for removing hot cakes from the oven. The pastry chef’s fingers remain intact, as does his culinary creation.

Where is it profitable to buy such unique products? Four thousand orders suggest that it is better to buy a product on the Aliexpress website..holder for vegetables on Aliexpress The average cost (when analyzing several sellers) is 82 rubles. Moreover, there is always a system of promotions and crazy discounts.. holder for vegetables in the online storeIn ordinary stores, similar devices come out much more expensive – from 490 rubles.

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