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Is it worth spending your money on a rotating atomizer with Aliexpress

rotating sprayer for summer cottages Watering the plants is the direct responsibility of every gardener. In order not to constantly carry buckets, mankind has invented hoses, irrigation systems and various nozzles for more comfortable watering..

But more recently, a rotating sprayer has appeared on the market that rotates 360 degrees and is able to water all the plants around it. It allows you to make high-quality watering of the garden.

You don’t have to buy multiple sprayers to water your entire garden. Using a rotating sprayer, you can water absolutely the entire surrounding area.

Advantages of the rotary atomizer:

  1. Large irrigation area. The rotation ensures the capture of a huge area. In addition, all 3 nozzles can be varied in irrigation angle, allowing you to irrigate an even larger area..
  2. Easy transportation. The sprayer has two wheels, thanks to which it can be quickly moved by simply pulling on the hose.
  3. Simple fastening. There is no need to buy any special hose for this sprayer. Universal mount allows you to attach the sprayer to any hose.
  4. Quality spraying. The sprayer is equipped with multiple holes on each nozzle for a high-quality spray.

atomizer in online store Based on these advantages, a rotating sprayer should be quite expensive. But in fact, in online stores in Ukraine and Russia, such a spray will cost only 174 rubles. This cost is quite acceptable.

rotary spray designRotary Sprayer Features:

  • Number of nozzles – 3 pcs.;
  • The maximum processing area is 175 square meters;
  • Material – plastic;
  • The presence of 2 wheels;
  • Color – red with yellow;
  • 360 degree rotation.

atomizer on AliexpressBut on the Aliexpress website, a rotating sprayer will cost 200 rubles. This price is the lowest, there are still offers for 300 rubles and more.

It is not clear why this product is several times more expensive in a Chinese online store than on domestic sites. After all, all the characteristics are the same.

Therefore, it is best not to order the rotary atomizer from a Chinese manufacturer. In this situation, it is really unprofitable, since you still have to pay for delivery. It is best to buy this atomizer in a domestic online store.

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