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Uprooting tree stumps in efficient ways

uprooting stumps The appearance of stumps on a personal plot is more often associated with the natural withering away of fruit trees, the necessary renewal of horticultural crops, and the clearing of the site for construction. The appearance of wood residues on the garden plot spoils the aesthetic appearance of the territory, interferes with free movement, does not allow construction to start, therefore, uprooting the stumps is an important stage in the improvement of the territory.

Methods for uprooting stumps

Experienced gardeners know that getting rid of tree remains is troublesome and difficult, but necessary. And here it is important to choose the most convenient and practical way of uprooting stumps. The choice of method is determined by the size of the site and the skeleton itself from the tree.

The main methods for removing stumps are:

  1. Mechanical. With the help of technology or special technical devices.
  2. Manual. Using small working tools.
  3. Chemical. Using chemicals.

Mechanized way

mechanized method of uprooting stumps The use of mechanized devices and equipment speeds up the process of removing stumps from the site. Large skeletons of old trees with deep roots can only be removed with the help of a technique. The main thing in the question of how to uproot trees on the site with a tractor remains the criterion for the approach of equipment to the site. It is also worth noting that the tractor or bulldozer must have a manipulator or truck crane..

For mechanical removal of wood residues, you can also use:

  1. Chainsaw. Using this tool will allow you to easily remove old stumps, while significantly saving money. You can do it yourself with a chainsaw. But with this tool, only the above-ground part of the tree can be removed. If you need to remove the root system as well, you will have to use other tools.
  2. Crusher machine. This device is small and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around the garden area. It will become indispensable for removing stumps from densely growing fruit trees. The principle of operation of the grubber is as follows, it crushes wood to the state of sawdust to the entire depth of the stump. After which the remnants are raked out, and the hole can be covered with earth..

Since the use of technology is a relatively expensive method, you should think about how to get rid of hemp in the country in a simpler and more affordable way..

Manual way

manual wayGrubbing stumps in a small personal plot can be done using a conventional shovel and ax, which can be found in any household. If the stump is small, dig in around it to a depth of 1 meter. Until the roots are completely exposed, then chop them up, and pry a crowbar under the rest. Press firmly on it and the stump will be completely removed..

burning an old tree stumpConsidering more ways to uproot a stump without effort quickly, some resort to the help of fire. To do this, it is necessary to drill holes inside the stump, pour ignition fluid into the formed openings and set it on fire. It is necessary to monitor the access of oxygen to the fire and promptly remove ash residues from the burnt-out part.

If the stump is fresh and there is no way to drill holes, start a fire directly on the saw cut. Over time, the top of the stump will burn out, gradually reaching the roots and the stump can simply be grubbed.

stump removal with a winchRemoving small single stumps can be done with a winch. To do this, fasten a cable or a thick rope to the stump, and install the winch on the nearest tree. Dig in the tree 1-1.5 m from the base beforehand to expose the roots. Chop them off with an ax. The winch can now be used.

water useIf you want to know how to remove tree roots without uprooting them with a technique, you can use plain water. At a distance of one meter around the stump, they dig a hole and begin to wash out the soil under the pressure of water. After the roots are well washed out, the stump will hang and the roots can be chopped. Then the stump is easy to remove.

Chemical method

use of chemicalsYou can remove the remnants of cut trees using special chemicals. This method is very simple and convenient, does not require a lot of money and time. But it should be remembered that the use of any chemicals leads to soil contamination..

After removing stumps by chemical means, the soil will not be suitable for sowing for 3 years.

To remove the remnants of wood cuts in the garden, use:

  • urea (urea);
  • sodium nitrate;
  • table salt.

The use of saltpeter among summer residents is the most popular way to get rid of stumps. The point of use is that saltpeter is added to the stump, and a year later it is set on fire. Thanks to saltpeter, the upper cut and the roots of the tree burn out completely in a short time, after which the ash residues are removed.

Urea is used according to a similar principle. Urea is filled into the drilled holes, the stump is wrapped in plastic wrap and by the next season nothing will be left of it.

If you are freeing up space for future construction, you can use regular table salt. To do this, after the saw cut, the skeleton of the tree is sprinkled abundantly with salt. Mixing with rainwater, it will saturate the wood and turn the stump into dust..

An unusual way of uprooting stumps

growing mushrooms on a tree stumpRecently, gardeners have begun to actively use the mycelium of mushrooms to remove the stump. In this case, the method is completely safe for others; in addition, you get your own harvest of mushrooms..

To do this, purchase mushroom mycelium from a gardening store, make a hole in the remains of the tree, place the seed in the hole, water and cover with moss. The harvest of the first mushrooms is harvested in the next season, and after 3-4 years the stump will completely turn into dust.

Having considered from the many methods and options for uprooting stumps on the site, we can say that the mechanical method is fast and effective, but economically costly. Small stumps can be dealt with on their own with the help of improvised tools. The chemical method is effective, but it takes much more time and is not safe for the surrounding soil. The choice of method is at the discretion of the site owner..

Grubbing a stump on the site – video

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