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Relentlessly caring for the sleeping garden in December

warm blanket for the garden To protect fruit trees and shrubs in the garden from low temperatures, you can use gifts from the sky. One of them is white and fluffy snow. If the first month of winter is marked by heavy snowfalls, it is important to try to make a warm blanket out of it for plants. To do this, it is necessary to lay the fallen snow, while it is light and fluffy, around the root area of ​​trees and bushes. So that it does not fly apart, it should be well trampled.

Young seedlings, which are not yet 5 years old, especially need a snow cover..

cover the trunk circle with snow A dense layer of snow will protect the fruit trees from rodents and hares that enjoy eating fresh bark. In addition, as soon as December comes, it is necessary to prepare a protective “armor” for the barrel. It consists of the following elements:

  • manure;
  • clay;
  • carbolic acid.

Manure and clay are taken in equal proportions and 1 spoon of carbolic acid is added there. Such a mixture is carefully applied to the trunk of a fruit tree and serves as a reliable protection against long-eared neighbors..

garden pest hareAnother way of protection is to use thick paper treated with nitrafen. Some people wrap the trunks with roofing material or cover them with coniferous spruce branches. You can even put up a mesh fence. A blanket of snow can be used to protect strawberry or wild strawberry plantations from frost, as well as ornamental bushes..protection against eared rodents

If there is a lot of snow in December, it is important to visit the garden to shake it off the trees. The crown of young seedlings may not withstand and break. We do this carefully, starting from the lower branches, gradually moving up.

If winter came without snow

December without snowOften December comes unnoticed and without snowfall. In this case, it is wise to prepare for possible precipitation during this period. For this, transverse grooves are dug to keep snow or melt water in the future. They also make an artificial fence from tall annual plants or cut branches..

When the grower is ready for the snow surprises, it’s time to inspect the dormant fruit trees. You should pay attention to whether there are various cocoons on them that were left by insects, for example, spiders.

garden treatmentDried fruits or leaves sometimes remain on the trees. They should be removed as numerous garden pests can hibernate there. To provide young seedlings with a comfortable wintering, it is advisable to cover their peri-stem circles with mulch or feed them with fertilizers..

The mulch layer must be at least 10 cm.Otherwise, the tree may be damaged.

In the first month of winter, it would be nice to hang feeders for feathered friends in the garden and feed them regularly. In a few months, the birds will get used to the territory, and in the spring they will thank you by destroying pests.bird feeders

If there are buried young seedlings in the garden, they need to be systematically examined. Cover with additional primer if necessary. Some garden plants require watering in December, it is important not to forget for them, thinking that they are in hibernation.

Trees that have had chlorosis during this period can be disinfected with zinc sulfate. The solution is prepared as follows: dilute 100 g of the drug in 10 liters of water. In addition, at the beginning of winter, gardeners try to perform the following work:

  • clean and tidy up tools;
  • renovate greenhouses or greenhouses;
  • prepare containers for seedlings;
  • dig holes for new seedlings;
  • cut off fruit bushes.

young garden treatmentIt will not be superfluous to process stone fruit trees with copper sulphate mixed with lime before the onset of stable frosts. This procedure will protect delicate kidneys from freezing..

Fruit bushes, such as raspberries, can be thoroughly fertilized with mulch in December. And spray the gooseberries with a potassium solution for feeding. To protect the currants from damage, it is recommended to collect its branches in a bunch..garter bush

Berry crops – strawberries or strawberries, it is advisable to cover with a layer of fallen leaves. In case of severe frosts, prepare an additional “cover” so that you can use it right away.

When the weather is pretty warm in December, some gardeners remove old or diseased fruit trees from the site. This frees up space for young seedlings that will be planted in spring..

It is important to inspect your storehouses of vegetables and fruits at the beginning of winter. If necessary, iterate over, removing damaged copies. When planning to get a harvest in the new season, do not forget about the correct storage of the seed. The best option is a dry, cool room.seed storage

As you can see, there is still a lot of work for a real gardener in December. Therefore, while the garden is resting, wise people work. And in the new season they will receive a reward – delicious fruits.

The first month of winter in the garden – video

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