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Planting and caring for a crown mock-orange at their summer cottage

planting and caring for the crown mock-orange Growing tree perennials is always fun and challenging at the same time, especially if the results are expected to be absolutely amazing. Planting and caring for the crown mock-orange is described in detail in this article. The plant has been a favorite of amateur gardeners for many years, thanks to its rapid growth, early and long flowering..

Features and characteristics of the plant

fragrant bloom Chubushnik belongs to the Hortensiev family. There are about 70 varieties of this plant. New breeding products adapted for cultivation by private gardeners go on sale every year.

Chubushnik corona is a deciduous shrub that grows in diameter up to 200 cm, in height – up to 300 cm.The description of this plant in detail and carefully was made by specialists of the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden back in the 18th century.

The bush has a spherical shape, composed of long, medium thickness, branches covered with brown thin bark. The leaves are ellipsoidal, located on the shoots opposite, saturated herbaceous green shade.

The flowers are simple, white or cream-colored, with bright yellow stamens, collected in small dense racemose inflorescences. Blooming, they exude a delicate delicate bright scent that creates a cozy and very homely atmosphere in any garden. Flowering lasts 3 – 4 weeks, starting at the end of May.

Chubushnik is characterized by rapid and active growth, belongs to long-livers (its life cycle can reach 80 years).

Requirements for growing conditions

growing conditions for the crownChubushnik crown is relatively easy to plant and care for, unpretentious, quickly adapts to new growing conditions, especially in central and central Russia. It is characterized by excellent frost resistance and winter hardiness, easily tolerates frosts down to -23 – 25 ° C. At lower temperatures of the environment, shoots uncovered with a snow cover may freeze, but in spring young healthy branches appear in their place quickly and amicably..

The culture tolerates gas pollution, therefore it is widely used in landscaping parks and alleys.

Choosing a place and time of boarding

the place of planting of the chubushnik coronalChubushnik corona prefers well-drained, loose, neutral, light soils, with good aeration and permeability.

When choosing a place for planting, give preference to bright sunny areas, without a close occurrence of groundwater. Young seedlings need protection from sudden gusts of wind – this must also be taken into account before planting..

If the soil of your site is characterized by low fertility and a heavy structure, it is recommended to completely remove the soil from the planting pit and replace it with a universal earth compound, which can be purchased at any specialized store..

Planting is best done in spring, in May, when the threat of return frosts has passed, the soil and air will warm up enough so that the seedling does not experience severe stress.

Planting a crown mock-orange

saplings of chubushnik corona with closed rootBefore proceeding with planting, it is necessary to prepare a planting hole with a diameter of 60 – 100 cm (depending on the volume of the root system and the age of the plant), with a depth of 60 – 70 cm.

Excavated soil:

  1. Should be mixed with peat (if heavy, loamy) or sand.
  2. Add rotted manure and granular phosphorus-potassium fertilizers (approximately 1 – 2 tablespoons).
  3. If the quality of the soil leaves much to be desired, then it can be completely replaced with a ready-made universal soil composition purchased from a store. In this case, adding organic fertilizers does not make sense..

annual seedlings of chubushnik corona with open rootDrainage should be placed at the bottom of the hole, which will prevent stagnation of water and decay of roots, and improve metabolic processes. Expanded clay is most often used as drainage, but in the absence of this, fragments of earthenware and bricks can be placed at the bottom.

Further, a peg is installed in the center of the planting pit, next to which a seedling is placed. The root system is carefully and carefully straightened, after which, gradually fill the hole with the previously prepared soil mixture. At the end, the seedlings are well shed with water at room temperature..

When planting, pay attention to the fact that the root collar is not too deep. This can cause stunted growth or even decay..

Chubushnik care

watering the mock-orangeCrown mock-orange is an unpretentious culture, therefore it does not require special care measures.

Among the main activities are the following:

  1. Watering – carried out in the first two summer months, once every 1.5 – 2 weeks, adjusted for weather conditions.
  2. Top dressing is carried out once a year, after the snow melts. For this, depending on the type of soil, either a liquid solution of organic fertilizers, or mineral mixtures (azofosku or superphosphate), with embedding in the near-trunk circle.
  3. Pruning – carried out in the fall as a sanitary one, in which damaged and diseased shoots are removed. It can be repeated after wintering, if necessary. Formative pruning is done after flowering. In this case, the branches are cut off to a part of the growth.
  4. Preparation for wintering – frost-resistant plant, therefore, does not require shelter even in the first year after planting in the garden. The only action that needs to be taken before the winter season is to remove the dead plant parts and mulch the tree trunk circle with sawdust..

Reproduction of chubushnik

reproduction of the crown of the crown by cuttings

For reproduction of the crown mock-orange, you can use:

  • layering;
  • cuttings;
  • parts of the bush.

Experienced gardeners who love to overcome obstacles propagate this crop by seeds..

young chubushnik bushA grateful plant easily takes root when using any option. You need to choose the one that is convenient for you.

Planting and leaving the crown mock-orange is a grateful and uncomplicated business. The main thing is to remember the correct algorithm of action, love the plant and spare no time and effort on it. In this case, your garden will become the envy of all neighbors.!

All about the cultivation of the crown mock – video

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