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Black mulberry: planting and caring for a tree

mulberry black planting and care Black mulberry, planting and caring for which is quite simple, has enjoyed great popularity over the years. This is an unpretentious plant that pleases everyone with its delicious fruits for a long time..

Black mulberry: plant description

mulberry black on the site Mulberry or mulberry, as it is also called, refers to deciduous trees. In nature, the plant can be found in Africa, Asia, America. The homeland of black mulberry is Afghanistan.

Many different types of mulberry can be found in the lands of Iran.

The tree is characterized by rapid growth, which slows down over time. The crown is sprawling, lush. Shoots are thin, covered with dark bark. Leaves are large. Their length reaches 20 cm, and their width is 15 cm. The upper part is slightly rough, and the lower one is soft. Outwardly they look like a blade.

Berries are black. They reach 3 cm in length. It tastes very juicy and sweet.

Decorative forms of mulberry:

  • weeping;
  • pyramidal;
  • golden;
  • large-leaved;
  • spherical.

The fruits of the plant are used both in cooking and in folk medicine. Juices, jams, jam are made from berries. Also, ripe mulberries are used to prepare medicines that are used for diabetes mellitus..

Black mulberry: planting and care

mulberry planting siteIt is recommended to plant a tree at the very beginning of autumn. Thus, the plant will be able to harden, which will favorably affect its yield. If you do this in the spring, then there is a high probability that the seedling will not survive the harsh winter..

Choosing a place for planting black mulberries

The best area is one that is well warmed by the sun. The area must be protected from the wind. You also need to consider at what level the groundwater lies. The distance must be at least 1.5 m.

You can grow black mulberry on any soil, except salty and sandy. Also, do not plant it on swampy soils. Excess moisture will negatively affect the development of the tree..

Landing scheme

seedlingsIt is necessary to prepare the place 2 weeks before planting. The size of the dimple should correspond to the volume of the root system. Often it is 50 * 50 * 50 cm.

If the soil is poor, then the depth of the seat should be slightly deeper. This is necessary in order to put fertilizer on the bottom. It is best to use organic. Cover the top with a small layer of soil and only then can the seedling be placed.

Mulberry roots should not come into contact with fertilizer.

planting seedlings

When planting, the roots must be carefully distributed along the bottom of the dimple. Falling asleep in the depression, the soil must be constantly tamped. This is necessary so that there is no air between the roots. Pegs will need to be placed near a thin seedling. This will save it from deformation..

After planting, the soil around the trunk will need to be well watered and then mulched. Sawdust or peat is suitable for this..

Mulberry growing rules

first fruitingMulberry care is the same in Siberia and in warmer regions. The plant will give a good harvest if it is timely watered, fertilized, treated from pests.

Irrigation mulberry

watering mulberryProper watering will help the mulberry tree to overwinter without much difficulty. Watering the tree regularly should be started from the very beginning of spring until the end of July. On dry days, it is recommended to increase the number of procedures. They stop irrigation from June.

If spring and summer are rainy, then there is no need to water the tree.

Treatment of wood from insects

wood processingIn order for the mulberry not to be affected by insects and diseases, it is necessary to periodically carry out preventive measures. In this case, it is necessary to process not only the crown of the tree, but the soil around the trunk..

Insecticides and fungicides are excellent options. You can buy them at any specialty store. The first spraying is carried out in April, while the buds are still dormant. Then trees are treated in October, at the end of the growing season.

Mulberry fertilization

Top dressing, as well as watering, is carried out from the beginning of spring to the end of July. After winter, the plant needs nitrogen-based preparations. In the summer period of the year, mulberries are fertilized with potassium-phosphate mixtures.

Tree pruning

mulberry pruningRemove unnecessary twigs only when the tree is resting. The best month for this procedure is April. At this time, formative pruning is carried out. Sanitation should be postponed until the fall. In October, remove all damaged branches and those that grow inside the crown. But before carrying out the procedure, it should be remembered that the air temperature should not be lower than -100C.

Tree care in winter

While most types of fruit trees can easily endure winter, the black mulberry needs some care. This is due to the fact that she is accustomed to warm climates..

The first thing to do is to deepen the root collar. It is also not recommended to greatly fertilize the tree. As for young specimens, it is recommended to cover them. For this, you can use a regular bag or agrofiber. This is an important point, especially if the tree grows in a draft..

How to propagate mulberries

black mulberry seedTo plant this tree on your site, you do not have to go to the store and buy it. Mulberry is not difficult to grow on your own. For this, the seed or vegetative method is used. If you decide to use the first option, then the grains must be prepared. To do this, they are placed in a refrigerator for several months. Before sowing, the planting material is soaked in a growth stimulator. The seeds are sown to a shallow depth, and they are covered with mulch on top..

Reproduction by root shoots is effective and fairly simple. To do this, the seedling is carefully separated from the tree and transplanted to a permanent place of growth. Care for a young specimen is the same as for an adult.

Black mulberry is a very popular berry that can be seen in almost every summer cottage. If you follow the rules of planting and care, then the tree will bear fruit abundantly for many years..

Correct planting and caring for mulberry – video

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