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Simple cultivation of field ash in the country

growing field ash in the country Growing mountain ash in the country is a simple and rather interesting procedure. In order for a decorative bush to delight all passers-by with its appearance for a long time, you need to follow simple recommendations and rules. What types of fieldfare are there and how to care for them, read on.

Characteristics of the plant and its varieties

ornamental shrub fieldfare Fieldfare belongs to ornamental shrubs. The beauty of the plant lies in the fact that it is not particularly demanding on the soil and takes root in any area, growing rapidly.

The bush got its name due to the bright leaves resembling rowan in the form of a plate. However, fieldfare has more decorative forms. Each leaf consists of an odd number of petals, which makes it unique..

There are the following types of plants:

  1. Treelike fieldfare. The shrub is quite tall. With proper care, it grows more than 5 m in height. Blooms throughout the summer months.tree-like fieldfare
  2. Felt fieldfare. Non-blooming species. In nature, the felt fieldfare lives in the regions of East Asia..felt fieldfare
  3. Rowan-leaved fieldfare. The shrub perfectly tolerates severe frosts and drought. Therefore, it is often planted in the northern regions..mountain ash

The fieldberry becomes most beautiful in spring: the plant forms orange leaves, which at the time of flowering acquire a green tint..

The best place to grow field grass

sunny place for fieldfareThe plant is unpretentious with respect to light: it is planted in direct sunlight or in partial shade. As for the soil, it is best for the fieldfare to choose fertile and nutritious soil. An excellent option is a loamy neutral acidity substrate..

In dry, scanty soil, fieldfare will quickly wither away.

For proper development, the soil must be fertilized regularly. For this, universal fertilizers are used. Compost, humus, or peat are also great options..

Growing field ash

planting a seedlingIn a fairly short time, fieldfare forms a beautiful bush of impressive size. Moreover, the plant does not require constant care. You should only systematically water it and remove wilted inflorescences..

Buds that have withered and remained on the branches do not pose a threat to the plant, they are cut from the point of view of the beauty and appearance of the flower.


regular wateringDespite the endurance and unpretentiousness of the flower, do not forget to water it. Good watering is provided to the plant, especially after planting and the next few days. When the bush takes root, it will be enough to irrigate it twice a month. For each instance, pour one bucket of water. If the weather is dry and hot outside, then watering should be increased..

Young plants always need more moisture than adults.

For good development, you should not only water the bush, but also spray its leaves. This should be done only after sunset in the evening or early morning, before it rises. Such precautions are necessary to ensure that the hardwood plates do not get burned in direct light..

Loosening and weeding

Excavation around the plant is rarely done. It is important to remove weeds within the first month after planting the bush. Then the root system of the fieldfare grows and does not allow the grass to germinate outward..

It is recommended to loosen the soil around the trunk regularly so that the soil is well saturated with oxygen. If you do not want to waste time on this procedure, you should mulch the soil. Peat, compost, leaf humus are perfect for these purposes..

Mulching is carried out two to three times per season..

Shrub pruning

fieldfare pruningCutting the fieldberry is a necessary event that is carried out to create a beautiful bush shape. The plant lends itself well to pruning and tolerates it easily. If you want to keep the bush low, you should remove the shoots very well and carefully every spring. Pruning will not affect flowering. This is due to the fact that the buds appear only on young branches, and old ones are removed.

Fieldfare is often used to create a decorative border. For this, the bush is cut to a height of 30-50 cm. It should be noted: the lower the plant, the more often it is cut. The minimum number of procedures is three (as soon as young shoots appear, in early summer, and in mid-autumn).

Reproduction and feeding

fieldfare breedingField care activities also include feeding it. Humus, compost, and peat are the best plant fertilizers. The funds are added to the soil around the field plant root system. This procedure is carried out during the period of active growth (in spring and summer during flowering). fertilizationTop dressing should be accompanied by full watering.

Regardless of the variety, there are two breeding methods:

  • cuttings;
  • root parts.

The fieldfare is planted by beekeepers, since its flowers are honey-bearing, and the bees, smelling a suitable scent, will immediately flock to the bush..

This bush is also grown from seeds, but this happens in very rare cases. The best option is the fieldfare cuttings. A plant grown in this way develops well and blooms profusely..

Possible diseases and pests

fight against fieldfare diseasesExperts note that the field plant is not afraid of pests, and diseases are bypassed by it. Nevertheless, a viral mosaic is a dangerous disease for a plant. If treatment is not started on time, the bush will lose its attractiveness and die..

As for pests, spider mites and ubiquitous aphids occasionally settle on the plant. But, even such insects are easy to deal with. To do this, use special drugs that are sold in any specialty store..

To combat aphids, a solution of 40 ml of ammonia and 7 liters of soapy water is prepared. Mix all the components well, and thoroughly spray the bush with the resulting mixture..

For those who want to grow a beautiful decorative bush on their site, you need to know how to choose the right soil, when to water and fertilize the plant. Thanks to this knowledge, the fieldfare will become a real highlight of your landscape design..

Interesting about fieldfare and its cultivation – video

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