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We grow gherkin cucumber in summer cottages

cucumber gherkin The term “gherkin cucumber” came to us from France, where this type of vegetable was originally grown. Their value lies in their inner density, the absence of voids. Cucumbers are distinguished by an ideal cylindrical shape, an even surface. They are suitable for preparing salty snacks, they fit compactly even in small jars. Breeders work tirelessly to get more and more new varieties of this beautiful and healthy vegetable..

Gherkin cucumber: characteristics, main varieties

high-yielding gherkin Often summer residents mistakenly believe that gherkins are any cucumbers of a very small size. Therefore, common varieties of cucumbers are harvested unripe and salty snacks are made from them. Rarely does anyone get a really high-quality dish, because for salting it is better to take real gherkins – a special variety of small cucumbers. Distinctive features of such cucumbers from other varieties are bright green even peel, the seeds are very small and immature, dense pulp. The length of such vegetables does not exceed 8-9 cm.

Consider the most popular varieties of gherkins:

  1. Moravian gherkin. It should be planted in an open area to attract bees, although cultivation in greenhouses is also possible. The variety is resistant to pests and diseases..Moravian gherkin
  2. Gherkin “Merry Company”. This variety is considered the best because it can self-pollinate. In addition, it ripens quite early, so it is great for both greenhouse and outdoor cultivation. Cucumbers of the correct cylindrical shape. They have small pimples on their surface. The variety is distinguished by its resistance to numerous diseases.gherkin merry company
  3. “Diva”. Cucumbers ripen very quickly, so even on the balcony you will be able to grow full-fledged vegetables. The variety gives the largest fruits of all other types of gherkins. Fruits during the whole warm season, gives a large harvest.gherkin prima donna
  4. Gherkin “Parisian”. This variety is also pollinated by bees, giving a large harvest. Best planted in an open area. Cucumbers are great for canning. Covered salted vegetables are crispy and tender.Parisian gherkin

Planting seeds

planting gherkin seedsUnlike ordinary cucumbers, gherkins require certain care and cultivation rules to be followed. When planting seeds, give preference to special boxes or a greenhouse. As for the soil, it is best to use a purchased substrate for gherkins, or make it yourself by mixing humus and sod land.

Before planting, the seeds must be soaked for 3-4 hours in rainwater, mixed with a preparation to stimulate growth, or in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Water the soil first, then spread the seeds on its surface, then cover with a damp cloth. When the roots begin to sprout, the seeds should be deepened into the ground and watered.

Planting seedlings

transplantingYou can also plant gherkins with seedlings, the main thing is that warm weather is established without the threat of frost. Before planting, you need to prepare the land: remove all weeds, dig up the area and apply organic and mineral fertilizers, for example, compost, potassium, nitrogen.

Gherkins are planted in the ground and then watered once a day. On dry days, irrigation can be increased. If gherkins are planted in a greenhouse, the air humidity inside should fluctuate within 80%. Do not forget to ventilate the greenhouse. This is very important, as the lack of fresh air can negatively affect the development of plants..

Growing gherkins outdoors

When growing gherkins in the open field, you should initially cover them with foil. The best time to plant seeds is June, and the seedlings can be moved to an open area in April-May. For the full growth of small cucumbers, it is very important that the soil is sufficiently loose..


watering cucumbersDuring the growing season, gherkins should be watered moderately, and when the plant begins to bloom, irrigation is minimized. For irrigation, it is best to harvest water at room temperature, which should be settled. Irrigation is carried out in the afternoon. Morning and evening are best for this event. In this case, the water trapped on the leaves will not cause the plant to burn..

If you water the plant during the day, then burns may appear on the leaves..

Top dressing

feedingWhen applying fertilizer, it is important not to overdo it with the amount. Cucumbers do not like an abundance of dressings. The first fertilization is recommended 14 days after planting. For these purposes, a special complex fertilizer for seedlings is suitable. It will be enough to apply fertilizer once a season..

In order for the fruits to form faster and better, you need to feed the vegetables with potassium..


picking cucumber gherkinThe fruits can be harvested as early as 2-3 days after the ovary. Three days will be enough for the cucumbers to become edible. It is better to harvest every day, because new cucumbers cannot set until the ripe ones are picked. With proper care, you can get about 8-10 kg from the bush. After picking, it is recommended to store the cucumbers in a cool place with regular airing..

Pest control

Rust is a common problem with gherkins. When brown spots appear on the foliage, fungicides are used. If aphids have settled on the plants, treat them with a solution of soap, ash, or garlic. Gall nematode, which slows down the growth of cucumbers, is eradicated with steam. To combat spider mites, the green part of the plant is treated with soap. Powdery mildew is fought with potassium permanganate. If the leaves show signs of bacteriosis, the plant should be treated with a fungicide solution..

Gherkins are great little cucumbers that can be eaten fresh or used for processing. With the right approach to cultivation, compliance with the norms regarding watering and feeding, the plant can give a bountiful and tasty harvest..

Formation of a gherkin cucumber bush in a greenhouse – video

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