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DIY tools for the garden

Working on the land, growing vegetables and fruits accompanied humanity throughout its development, so today many summer residents and gardeners who are engaged in agriculture come up with various adaptations for the garden with their own hands. This allows not only to significantly facilitate direct work on the ground, but also in some cases to significantly increase yields..

Devices facilitating digging a vegetable garden

Most often, the hardest work in the garden is associated with loosening the site, and since surface tillage is a generally obligatory process for obtaining a good harvest, many accessories for the garden are associated with this process. An interesting and rather simple device in design can be called the “digger” shown in the figure. It allows you to easily loosen the garden, while spending a minimum of effort, which older summer residents will be able to appreciate..

To design it, you should take several metal square pipes, then cut them and weld a one-piece structure. It should be noted that the height of the handle should be adjusted, as this will make the tool universal for a person, regardless of his height. As sharp pins, metal rods, 10 mm thick, should be used., Having previously sharpened them to the required state.

Miracle shovel – the best tool for the garden

Another interesting device for digging a garden can be a homemade shovel, which looks like a “plowman” shovel. Like the previous model, it allows you to significantly save a person’s strength, relieving him of the load on the lumbar spine. Thanks to a light pressure, each owner can process a fairly large area of ​​his site during the day.


Modern garden tools provide the following benefits:

  • Allows you to save your own strength
  • Help avoid wasting money on expensive factory gadgets
  • Provide an opportunity to bring your own inventions and ideas to life
  • They are usually distinguished by their durability and long service life.

It is important to note that DIY tools for the garden are extremely popular among our compatriots, as they reflect the desire of our people for creativity and new inventions..

Video about self-making a miracle shovel

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