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How to keep chrysanthemums in a vase – “second life” for flowers in a few minutes

chrysanthemums From chrysanthemums, bouquets of amazing beauty are obtained, because their graceful, different shades of inflorescences can be combined into elegant, beautiful compositions, diluting their color with green fern or asparagus. Torn from a flower bed or bought in a flower shop, chrysanthemums can delight for a long time with their aroma and beautiful view, which makes them a good option for a gift to your beloved woman or work colleague. How to keep cut chrysanthemums in a vase in excellent condition for a long time? See also the article: potted chrysanthemum home care and transplant!

How to keep a bouquet of chrysanthemums – tips from florists

After the incredibly beautiful bouquet is delivered home, you need to take care of the further safety of the chrysanthemums. For this:

  • The stalks must be cut along an oblique line.
  • The bottom sheets must be carefully removed.
  • Flowers are carefully placed in a vase half filled with water. The water should be “comfortable” for the chrysanthemums. Not cold or too warm, but at room temperature.
  • Every second day, the water must be changed to fresh, and the stems must be cut off again..
  • In order for the water to better nourish the flowers, it is advisable to make a cruciform incision on each of the stems, splitting the tips to the sides.
  • You can save chrysanthemums in a vase for several weeks in a room where blinding, direct sunlight does not penetrate through the window, and the air temperature does not exceed 20C.

“Shock therapy” when the chrysanthemum has dried up

a bouquet of chrysanthemums in a vase Despite the observance of all the conditions, the hostess sighs sadly, watching the petals from her favorite chrysanthemums fall. So I want to extend the wonderful time of their flowering and fragrance! How to keep a bouquet of chrysanthemums reminiscent of pleasant holiday moments, despite the fact that they have begun to fade?

  • You need to put chrysanthemums in cold water.
  • After a couple of minutes, the stems of the flowers must be immersed in hot water..
  • Cut off decaying cuts on the stems by a few mm. above.
  • Put flowers back in water at room temperature.

Means – helpers

Special products are sold in stores, using which chrysanthemums can be given a “second life”. If these are not available, then you can follow the following tips:

  • Dissolve half an aspirin tablet in a 3-liter volume of water. If a chrysanthemum has dried up, this will be “first aid” for her, just like for people with a temperature.
  • Dissolve a pinch of salt in the same amount of water.
  • Add 0.003% lapis to the flower water.
  • As soon as some of the leaves begin to fade, you need to place the flowers in cold water in which sugar is diluted: 1 teaspoon per 1 liter of water.
  • When the event where the flowers were to be handed over is postponed, the chrysanthemums can be wrapped in moist newspaper sheets and placed in the fruit and vegetable compartment in the refrigerator..
  • Stearin will provide good help, which is buried in 1 drop in each inflorescence. Tilting a candle over the inflorescence, you need to wait until the drop falls into the core of the flower.

Just like people, chrysanthemums do not tolerate drafts. Interestingly, the proximity to juicy fruits also harms them. In order for the chrysanthemums to stand in the vase for a long time, it is better to put the fruits at a distance.

flowersIf a festive event is planned, and you want to accompany an expensive gift with a beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums, then in any case this idea will be successful. There are few women in the world who do not like flowers. And this minority, most likely, has a negative attitude to the fact that the flowers are cut, depriving them of their native breeding ground – the earth. There are even fewer people who do not like chrysanthemums. It is always possible to create an amazing, enchanting atmosphere in the house thanks to the lush flowers smelling of autumn and romance. You can make bouquets yourself, but it’s also good when experienced florists and designers will render their services in drawing up original compositions of chrysanthemums.

Video: florist advice on how to save a bouquet of flowers

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