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A summer resident is a beginner. Grow beans!

Growing beans in the garden In ancient Russia, beans were considered the main food of the common people and one of the main vegetable crops. But after the appearance of “Petrovsky” potatoes, the planting of beans gradually decreased. In tsarist Russia, the consumption of beans in Russian gardens fell by three times. And in modern summer cottages and vegetable gardens they are not at all! It’s a pity…

Vegetable beans contain components unique to the human body: protein, up to 35%; light fat, 15%, as well as rare mineral salts. Our body easily assimilates any beans, both mature and green – early, still “unripe”.

As an “energy drink for nutrition”, beans are 3 times more caloric than potatoes and 7 times more than cabbage..

It is very useful for children to eat both young unripe beans (raw) and completely ripe, dried up. Due to their high-quality hardness, they already need to be boiled or stewed. Beans are not picky about their predecessors in the garden, like soybeans or peas, but after them, in the next season, any vegetables and plants grow well. It has been noticed that their powerful root system loosens and enriches even the most impoverished soils with microelements..

The principle of action is similar to the one-year phacelia. (Phacelia, this plant is green manure, that is, a living green fertilizer). Still, beans prefer loamy soils, and light and moist soils are not desirable. If you choose the worst area for the beans, then in the fall you need to add a little manure, potassium salt and superphosphates. Dig up all this mixture onto the “bayonet” of the shovel. And, in the spring, it is enough to loosen the earth and start sowing.

You can sow beans from the third decade of April to the end of May. It is important to sort out the seeds before planting, remove the damaged ones. To revitalize the exchange processes in beans, it is useful to soak them in water (50–55 degrees) for 10 minutes, and then, to accelerate germination, place the beans in cold water. But, no longer than 2 hours. And the planting material is ready!

Video about the agricultural technology of legumes in the garden

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