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We grow on a summer cottage a variety of plums Peach

plum variety Peach The Peach plum variety is a unique tree native to the lands of France. Most gardeners grow it in their garden, and with the onset of August, they look forward to the fruit. The plum gained its popularity due to its unique fruits, which are distinguished by high taste and attractive appearance..

Plum Peach: variety description

peach plum in the garden Peach plum is a medium-sized tree. The crown is round in shape, less often it has a reverse-cone-shaped appearance. Young trees are not very dense. The trunk and shoots are covered with brown bark. Deciduous plates are large. They are oval in shape, slightly blunt at the end. On both sides, the leaves are abundantly covered with small villi. They all have a ruby ​​hue. The buds appear late, but despite this, the fruits appear already in the second part of July..

Berry picking is carried out in the sixth year after planting a tree. With proper planting and care, you can harvest up to 50 kg of the crop.

Plums are large. Each of them weighs about 70 g. Fruits are round, less often elongated, slightly flattened. The skin is dense with small whitish dots. Plums are distinguished by a bluish bloom, which is easily erased. Ripe fruits have a yellowish-greenish color with an orange-reddish tint.. juicy sweet plumThe pulp is firm, juicy, light. In the middle of each berry there is an oval seed.

Peach plum fruits are rich in:

  • vitamin B2, C;
  • copper;
  • zinc;
  • iron;
  • magnesium.

Compared to other varieties, ripe peach plum fruits do not fall off, but remain on the tree.

The peach plum variety needs pollinators. An excellent option is Hungarian, Anna Shpet, Mirabelle Nancy and Renclode.

Choosing a place for planting plums

plum planting siteNot only the appearance of the tree, its development, but also the number of fruits depends on the choice of the site. Therefore, in order to harvest a bountiful harvest every year, you should choose the right place for planting the plant..

With a lack of sun, the fruits lose their taste. The pulp becomes less sweet and less juicy.

The best is a place that is well warmed by the sun. Also, when choosing a site, you should pay attention to the presence of drafts. It is not recommended to plant plums near tall trees and buildings. This can negatively affect its development..

The lowlands are also not the best place. Due to excess and stagnant water, trees can freeze slightly, especially young ones. As for the soil, it must be fertile and moisture permeable..

Planting a peach plum

planting a plum saplingThe best time to plant is early spring. But, if this is not possible, then the procedure is carried out at the beginning of autumn..

Before planting a tree, you need to prepare the site. The planting site should be well dug up, all weeds should be removed. Then form a depression with diameters of at least 70 cm.The depth of the dimple should be within 50 cm.

The planting mixture should consist of fertile soil, compost (2 buckets), superphosphate (about 200 g) and wood ash (350 g).

As soon as the substrate is ready, start planting. The seedling must be placed in the center of the dimple and the roots carefully spread out. Then sprinkle the roots with the prepared soil and sprinkle with plenty of water. In this case, it is important to ensure that the root collar is 5 cm above the ground..

Tree care

Much depends on proper care. The fruits will be large if the tree is watered in a timely manner and correctly. Also, the quality and quantity of the crop is influenced by the feeding and pruning of the plant..

Watering the plum

watering the plumIt is necessary to irrigate the tree with extreme caution. It is watered abundantly only during the period of flowering and active growth of branches. Also, do not forget to carry out this procedure from August to September. It is at this time that the root system grows as much as possible and the fruits ripen. After each watering, it is recommended to loosen and mulch the soil around the trunk..

Plum dressing

compostingThe peach plum variety needs to be fertilized every year. Organic and mineral blends are excellent options. In order for the tree to gain strength and endure the winter well, manure is brought in in the fall. Also in September or October, it is recommended to fertilize the tree with mineral preparations at the rate of 10 kg per 1 m2. This dose must be observed for 5 years. Then the number is increased.liquid fertilizer for plums

Correct pruning of plums

crown formation from the first yearIt is necessary to start forming the crown from the first year of the plum’s life. Part of the young shoots are removed annually. If this is not done, then the tree will be too thick, which will negatively affect its fruiting..

The main pruning of plums consists in the removal of the crown, annual shoots.

spring pruning plumWhen carrying out this procedure, it must be remembered that the branches should be shortened by a maximum of a third. When the plant enters the fruiting phase, pruning is carried out twice a year. In this case, all attention must be paid to young shoots, the length of which exceeds 50 cm..

pruning plums to limit growthSkeletal twigs are also rejuvenated. This is especially done when they stop giving growth..

Possible diseases and pests

plum diseasePeach plum is capable of suffering from various diseases. The main reason for their appearance is improper care..

With regard to insects, preventive measures should be taken. A good option is to use trapping belts. They help prevent the development of winter moths, golden moths, stalks.

Also, the tree is sprayed with karbofos or chlorophos. Such procedures are carried out immediately after winter. If the plant is affected by clasterosporium disease, then all yellowed branches must be removed and burned outside the site..

In the month of November, it is recommended to spray the trees with Bordeaux mixture. This will get rid of rust and other diseases that often affect the plum..

With proper care, the peach plum variety will delight you with a high-quality and incredibly tasty harvest. But in order to get the desired result, it is worth following all the necessary rules and recommendations..

Overview of plum varieties – video

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