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Instructions for the use of the drug Omayt from ticks

instructions for use of the drug Omayt Instructions for use of the drug Omayt indicate that the agent belongs to the group of contact insecticides, that is, during treatment, the plant must be completely moistened with acaricide. Approved for use for indoor and garden flowers, vegetables and fruit and berry plants. Effective against all types of spider mites.

Description of the drug

spider mite The drug quickly fights any stages of tick development, but Omite insecticide does not affect insect eggs.

The main advantage of acaricide is that in addition to ticks, the agent negatively affects other pests..

Operating principle

tick controlThe effect of the insecticide is more effective in dry weather with a temperature of + 22-26 ° C. In this case, the treated bushes dry out quickly after spraying, the risk of phytotoxicity of the agent is reduced. The drug is resistant to sunlight and retains its properties under prolonged illumination.

The effectiveness of acaricide does not deteriorate from changes in air humidity, it instantly penetrates the sheet plates and is not washed off with water.

When exposed to direct sunlight, the insecticide droplets act like a magnifying glass and cause burns. It is forbidden to process plants in the open sun.

The drug Omite for ticks is an effective organophosphorus agent. But to avoid resistance, you need to alternate the insecticide with drugs from other groups..

Omite acaricide does not affect beneficial insects. Also, processing near reservoirs for fish farming or in a sanitary zone is not limited..

Instructions for use of the drug Omayt

Omite preparation in a large packageWhen applying the composition to the bush, it is necessary to achieve the treatment of the entire surface. The amount of preparation required depends on the equipment used and the size of the plant. It is recommended to carry out processing when insects reach the stage of harmfulness..

When growing indoor flowers

instructions for use preparation Omite for indoor plantsSpraying is carried out until all areas are completely treated, or the plant is immersed upside down in a container with insecticide.

Instructions for using Omite for indoor plants:

  • the composition is mixed with water in a ratio of 3 g per 1 liter;
  • after the first treatment, up to 75% of pests are destroyed;
  • the next spraying is carried out a week later, when larvae emerge from the eggs;
  • the last cleaning is done in 4-6 days.

Even taking into account the observance of all the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is possible to completely destroy the tick only in 97%.

There is a constant possibility of insects entering the ground, and after a certain time they reappear.

On the garden plot

grape processingWhen treating trees, it is necessary to take into account the toxicity of the insecticide in relation to some varieties of trees and young seedlings..

For the treatment of young shoots of apple trees, the dose is selected taking into account 2 liters per 1 ha, for young grapes – 1.5 liters per 1 ha. Spraying of plants is carried out during the growing season, sweet cherries are processed after harvesting.

The standard dosage for adult pears, plums and apple trees is 12-17 ml of the drug per 5 liters of water. Citrus fruits – 17-27 ml per 9-12 liters. Grapes – 9-22 ml per 9-12 liters. Cherries – 7-16 ml per 9-12 liters.

The last spraying is done 20 days before harvest..

In the garden

Omite preparation for cucumbersGarden crops are cultivated in calm and dry weather. This promotes rapid absorption and drying of the acaricide. The active effect of the remedy lasts up to 3 days, and the residual effect – up to a month.

On the open ground, during the processing of vegetables and melons, 12-17 ml of the drug is used for 6-7 liters of water. When processing strawberries, use a proportion of 8-14 ml per 9-12 liters.

For greenhouse conditions, the bushes can be sprayed shortly before harvest. To prepare the composition, it is important to use only purified water. First, half the required volume of water and the full dosage of the insecticide are poured into the sprayer. Stir the composition well and pour in the rest of the liquid.

It is forbidden to store the finished product for more than 2 hours..

Chemistry as an anti-tick agent is a last resort. Preventive work and creating obstacles in the path of the pest is the best way to prevent insect attacks.

Fighting ticks at their summer cottage – video

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