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The best irgi varieties for personal acquaintance

the best varieties of irgi The irgi varieties, which are described in the article, are the most popular winter-hardy berry plants. Their peculiarity is that they withstand very harsh weather conditions, therefore they have easily adapted and found wide application in Russia and other northern regions..

The main types of plants

Irga ripens Today, there are several varieties of irgi berries. In addition, breeders managed to breed many of its varieties..

The most common types of irgi are:

  • spicate;
  • blood red irga;
  • alder-leaved;
  • canadian.

Each of the varieties has its own distinctive features, which we will consider in this article..

Irga smoki and hybrid

hybrid irgaIrga hybrid includes three main varieties – irga spikelet, irga Lamarca, and large-flowered. Many other varieties have been grown from these species. They all differ in shape and taste..

smoky fruitsAs for the irgi smoki, it first appeared in Canada. The bush has a huge number of trunks, while the branches grow vertically at first, and when the fruit ripens, they acquire a spreading shape. The berries of this plant variety are dark blue and even shine a little. Their shape is more spherical, the diameter reaches sixteen millimeters. The fruit tastes rather sweet, juicy, and has a subtle pleasant smell. Plus, they are very beneficial to health..

Some varieties of irgi are suitable for growing Moscow region.

Many gardeners grow irgu smoki to savor the delicious berries and also use them for processing. The first fruits appear no earlier than three years after planting the plant in the ground. Violent flowering begins in mid-May, and the berries ripen in August.

Irga smoki does not need special care. It is resistant to various diseases and pests. The only thing that is required is protection from birds, because they are the first to want to feast on amazing berries..

Irga smooth

Irga smoothThis type of plant is very popular among summer residents. Its characteristics are the leaves that have a purple hue. Branches are wide, hanging in the form of tassels. They look very impressive and beautiful..

When the bush fades, tasty and healthy berries appear in place of the leaves..

Since the plant grows strongly, it should be planted in large areas. Irga smooth can reach ten meters in height. It is imperative to pour drainage into the hole. You can make it from broken brick or expanded clay. This will prevent water from stagnating and will prevent root rot..

The plant is quite unpretentious. It does not need to be constantly watered and use special care skills. That is why many gardeners love this culture..

In addition, another distinguishing feature of the plant is its resistance to various weather conditions. It easily tolerates temperature extremes, strong winds, frost and snow..

irgi fruit smoothThe disadvantage of Irgi smooth is that it is rather difficult to grow it from cuttings. She very rarely takes root in this way..

Often irgu is planted in apiaries, which increases the amount of honey..

Irga smooth can be attacked by some pests, so at the first sign, immediately cut off the damaged branches and treat the bush with special means. It is also necessary to apply top dressing during the period of illness. It is best to purchase a multipurpose blend. It should be used according to the instructions..

Irga spiky

Irga spikyA distinctive feature of the variety is small fruits, which reach a maximum of half a gram by weight. The berry has a sweet taste, however it is not juicy and therefore not as tasty as other varieties..

The height of the bush reaches seventy centimeters. The culture prefers to grow mainly in rocky areas and in mixed forests.

planting spicataSpikelet irga reproduces in many ways – by seeds, dividing the bush, shoots and cuttings. Seeds must first be prepared before sowing. They need to be stratified within ninety days. The temperature during this process should be from one to five degrees with a plus.

Unlike other species, the spicate is easily propagated by cuttings and dividing the bush. The separated areas of the shoots take root quite easily and quickly..

This type of plant, just like the previous one, perfectly tolerates changes in temperature, frost and wind, does not need shelter in winter and does not require special care. It differs from its relatives by the presence on the back of the leaves, the so-called cannon. In addition, it is still present on the pedicels and on the tops of the branches..

blooming irga spikeDue to the fact that the berries on the bush are small, a huge amount of them grows. They are mostly of a deep dark color. The color of the leaves after the onset of frost does not change, like other varieties.

Irga ordinary

Irga ordinaryThe simplest and most widespread variety of irgi. Its height reaches three meters. It has a wide crown, thin branches and a large number of fruits. After the first planting, the culture, without requiring significant maintenance, can grow in one place for up to fifteen years. Young twigs are light silver in color. As they grow, the color changes. In just a few years, they turn gray-brown..

Irga ordinary is also called large-leaved. The name speaks for itself. The leaves grow up to five centimeters long. They are mainly located on young shoots, the old branches are almost bald.

leaves and fruits of irgiThey resemble an egg in shape. The edges are slightly serrated. As for the color of the plates, it changes depending on the age and season. When the leaves are just growing, they are light white. With the onset of hot weather, they acquire a dark green hue, and towards autumn they become red-orange. A slight downy can be observed on young leaves and branches, however, after a while it disappears and the plant becomes smoother..

On the branches that grow the first year, corymbose brushes appear, on which flowers grow. The petals are narrow at the base and widen slightly closer to the edge on the sides. The buds are pink-white. Their size is small, their diameter reaches only three centimeters..

The flowering period of the Irga ordinary is short-lived. It is approximately seven to ten days. However, during this time you will have time to admire just a gorgeous shrub.

The first fruits appear on a plant that is already four years old. The berries taste no different from other wild-growing varieties, they are quite small in size. The color is predominantly blue-black, with a slight white bloom.

This type of shrub is used to decorate summer cottages. Does not require special care, rather unpretentious.

Irga canadian

Irga canadianThis shrub is characterized by the fact that the leaves fall off. The culture is often used as an ornamental plant. It can grow in height in the range from one and a half to eight meters.

The Canadian game is striking in its beauty at all seasons. In the spring, when the buds are just beginning to bloom, the twigs are covered with frost. Then the flowering period begins, and the entire bush is covered with snow-white small flowers. They emit a peculiar aroma that attracts bees..

If irgu is planted close to each other, then its shoots will stretch up.

After flowering, berries appear. Ripe fruits have a beautiful purple-blue hue.. ripe berriesThe leaves also change their color from dark green to burgundy with changing weather conditions. In winter, the plates fall off, but still the bush looks very beautiful due to the dark branches of a red-brown hue.

Irga canadian is resistant to frost, does not need shelter for the winter. Plants should be planted at a great distance from each other so that they can grow to the sides, forming lush bushes.

Irga Lamarca

Irga LamarcaThis is an equally popular variety. Irga Lamarca often grows up to five meters in height. The shrub, like the previous species, is deciduous. The shoots are quite thin and the leaves are oblong. Each of the plates is covered with teeth at the edges. The length of the leaves reaches nine centimeters, and the width is five. During the season, they change their shade several times. First, they acquire a copper-purple color, but after a short time, they acquire a green, and then a reddish-orange tone. After this, leaves fall for the winter..

A distinctive feature of the lamarka irgi is that the flowers during flowering do not have any pronounced smell, while they are quite small. The fruits begin to ripen closer to mid-August. Their color is rather dark. The berries can be purple-black or blue. Irga Lamarca is a bit similar to the Canadian one, but its main difference is that it has larger sizes of both the leaves and the berries themselves..

Irga alkholistnaya, slate

Irga alder-leavedThe alder-leaved irgi shrub is famous for its beneficial properties. The berries contain a large amount of vitamin C, as well as carotene, fiber and pectin.

Berries are used for medicinal purposes. They help to cope with digestive problems and strengthen the intestines. They are also used for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Berry juice of this variety is used to treat tonsillitis and other colds..medicinal berries

Among the varieties of Canadian irgi, it is worth highlighting the slate. Berries have a deep black color. Slate berries They are quite large in diameter. In addition, the fruits differ in their taste. They are very sweet, juicy and have a pleasant aroma. Due to its taste, irgu slate especially needs to be protected from birds, otherwise you will never be able to enjoy this incredible taste..

Knowing what varieties of irgi are and their features, you can grow a beautiful and at the same time useful plant on your site. This culture does not need special care, so it will be able to delight with its delicious berries for many years..

Irga at their summer cottage – video

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