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Fighting a bear in the garden is one of the mandatory stages of growing healthy plants.

Fighting a bear in the garden Many gardeners, having planted seedlings in the ground, at first relax. They think that the main job is done, now they just need to water and weed the beds on time. It would seem that the plants are already in the right permanent place, having moved from temporary pots to free space, but that was not the case. The next day, some of them are found to be damaged. Let’s find out how to protect delicate immature plants from an uninvited guest – a bear.

When is the fight against the bear in the garden carried out? Signs of the presence of an intruder

Medvedka is a very large insect of dark chestnut color with a shiny tint. Some pests are up to 6-7 cm in length. Thanks to its strong shell and strongly developed forelimbs, it digs multiple burrows in the upper layers of the soil, which causes great harm, damaging the roots of plants and grown fruits. This becomes noticeable during the beginning of spring work, and especially after planting seedlings. It is very important to start the fight with the bear in the garden on time (at the end of April – May), before the mating season for this insect and the appearance of young individuals. You may find that the young plant has withered due to:

  • bitten stem;
  • damaged roots;
  • the presence of multiple raised earthen grooves;
  • holes in the ground near the stem, into which water quickly leaves when watering.

All of the above signals the presence of a bear on your site.

Basic methods for dealing with a bear in the garden

how to deal with a bear in the garden? A general comprehensive approach to the fight against a bear in the garden includes both preliminary work (when preparing the soil) and protecting the plants themselves when planting. All described measures will be very useful from a practical point of view:

  • Digging up the earth. Overwintered larvae may be accidentally discovered. The bear is especially fond of the admixture of organic fertilizers (manure, compost, etc.).
  • The use of special tools. Among them, boric acid is very effective, which is scattered around the garden in many places..
  • Protecting the roots of plant seedlings when planting. To do this, it is grown in disposable paper cups without a bottom. Thin walls (which then gradually dissolve and go into the soil) will be an excellent obstacle to fighting the bear in the garden. The bites of the pest will no longer be so dangerous to the hardened stems of plants..

In addition, there are many folk remedies, but they are not as effective as chemicals designed specifically to fight the bear in the garden.

It is important that the fight against the bear in the garden is carried out correctly and in a timely manner. Consider and apply useful tips, especially when starting spring work on the site and planting seedlings of young plants.

In the video, safe methods of dealing with a bear

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