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Application of insecticide Nurell D

insecticide nurell d When farming, both small and large, a number of problems necessarily arise: droughts, frosts, weeds, deterioration of the soil condition, as well as living pests against which the insecticide Nurell D. was created. These animals, especially insects, eat flowers , leaves, damage fruits and seeds. Agronomists wondered how you can get rid of them.

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Appointment of the drug and release form

nurell d ampoules Pesticides were developed, each of which had its own specialization. Instructions for the use of insecticide Nurell D defines the drug as a means of fighting insects, their eggs and larvae. Compatible with other pesticides for the same purpose. Available in vials of 7 milliliters. This is a concentrate that needs to be diluted before use..

The concentrate in ampoules must be diluted with water. Preparations that are sold in bottles of 5 liters do not need to be diluted. They can be poured directly into the spray bottle.

Nurell D drug in large capacityAnalogs of the drug are “Zalp” and “Twix”, differ only in volume. They are released in flasks of five liters. For example, the Syngenta company produces the same chemical in the same way, in flasks. analog of the drug nurell dAs manufacturers promise, Nurell D insecticide destroys the following pests:

  • harmful turtles (bugs), bread beetles, ground beetles, and drunks on cereals;
  • vitreous weevils and fleas – a scutellum on sugar beets;
  • moth, leaf moths, moths and ticks on apple trees;
  • rape flower beetles, latent proboscis and cruciferous fleas on mustard;
  • aphids, pea moths and weevils, respectively, on peas and other legumes.

spectrum of action of the drug nurell dAs you can see, the specialization of the drug is quite wide. The list contains not all pests that are destroyed by Nurell D. According to those who used this insecticide, absolutely all insects of any species die with lightning speed. It does not allow pests to appear again for a long time. Has a barrier effect.

Instructions for the use of insecticide Nurell D says that in no case should it be used during flowering!

How does he work

The insecticide contains only two active substances: cottonyrifos and cypermethrin. These two components cause paralysis or instant death in insects and their larvae. That is, it directly affects their nervous system. Due to the fact that the insecticide is evenly sprayed, it penetrates into all areas where pests can hide.

Insect eggs, it would seem, have a protective shell that does not allow all kinds of substances to pass inside. But the insecticide successfully copes with this: it simply eats away at it. Even if some beetle, bug or butterfly accidentally finds itself on the sprayed area, it, having started feeding on leaves or fruits, will die right there. This is the barrier effect..

The barrier effect lasts for about 14 days! After that, the pests will again begin to do their job..

Nurel is not washed off with water. It penetrates deeply into plant tissues without harming leaves and fruits. If the temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius, the fumigant effect of the drug is activated. Its penetration into all areas becomes more intense.

The product starts working two hours after treatment. If you follow all the rules of the instructions for insecticide Nurel, then the result will be excellent. All plants will receive reliable protection. Insects and their larvae – will fall.

Advantages and disadvantages

the drug has advantages and disadvantagesInsecticide Nurel D, like other drugs, has its pros and cons.


  1. The drug is effective against most pests.
  2. Acts almost immediately.
  3. Protects cultures for a long time.
  4. It is resistant to precipitation.
  5. Nurel is compatible with other products, with fertilizers.
  6. Has action in hard-to-reach places.


  1. It is necessary to spray evenly all plants..
  2. Cannot be used during flowering.
  3. Toxic. Cannot be used without protection.

Preparation and application

pest controlBefore use, be sure to study the instructions for insecticide Nurel D, which is always attached. Take a clean container for spraying, pour water up to half of the tank. Add the required amount of insecticide. Then the container must be closed, and the contents must be shaken. Shake for about 10-15 seconds. Bring to the required amount (add water) all contents and shake again, at about the same time.

Pour only clean water into the container. Otherwise the sprayer may become clogged. If there are all kinds of leaves, threads and other debris in the water, do not use such water! This will bring additional hassle..

The drug is toxic! It is necessary to completely protect the whole body from the ingress of solution..

Before starting the treatment of the territory, put on some kind of protective suit. OZK, L-1 or other items of chemical protection are suitable. You can use a regular rubberized or polyethylene raincoat. Wear closed shoes, gloves. Protect the face with a respirator and goggles, provided that the goggles are sealed. The best, of course, is a gas mask..

During spraying, you need to evenly distribute the solution. Spray each plant thoroughly by moving the sprayer to the right and left. If you do not mind the funds, it is necessary to process the places close to the plants. After chemicalization, wash the entire suit with copious amounts of water. To take a shower.

If the product accidentally comes into contact with the skin, rinse these areas with clean water and soap. If concentrate gets into eyes or mouth, consult a doctor immediately..

Rules for working with insecticides – video

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