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Eforia Insecticide Easy Use

insecticide ephoria As a rule, agrochemical preparations are produced in the form of concentrates, presented in liquid or powder form. Before use, they must be diluted according to the recipe, and only then put into action. But there are a number of substances that are already produced in finished form. Ephoria is an insecticide (gardeners mistakenly call it Euphoria), which does not require preliminary preparation of a working solution. All that is required is to pour it into the tank and use it as directed in the required rates..

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Insecticide Eforia – is a concentrate of a suspension of systemic contact action, produced in plastic canisters of different sizes. The composition contains two active ingredients: thiamethoxam and lambda-cyhalothrin. Their tandem allows you to get rid of pests in the shortest possible time and protect the crop as much as possible for a long time..

  1. Lambda-cyhalothrin (content in solution is 106 g / l). The substance has an intestinal, contact and insect repellent effect. In addition, it has a depressing effect on the nervous system and leads to an imbalance of calcium in their body. Once inside the pest, the insecticide instantly paralyzes them. Efficiency is observed not only for adults, but also for larvae.
  2. Thiamethoxam (the concentration of this component in the solution is 141 g / l). This substance has intestinal, contact and systemic effects. It enters the pest’s body through the digestive tract or external integuments, and then paralyzes the insect’s nervous system.

Thanks to the tandem of these two active ingredients, the range of use of the insecticide is significantly increased. At the same time, its immunity in the future is completely excluded..


insecticide infestation Among the positive aspects of the Eforia insecticide are:

  1. Not only adults are affected, but also insect larvae.
  2. Highly effective even against pests living mainly in the shady side of the leaf.
  3. The ability to use in any weather. In this case, the drug is not affected by temperature..
  4. With reasonable use and compliance with all standards, the substance is safe for humans.
  5. Effective against a wide range of pests.
  6. No resistance.
  7. The results last for a long time, and this allows you to reduce the number of treatments.
  8. User-friendly form.

Instructions for the use of insecticide Eforia

instructions for use on the packagingSince the preparation is completely ready for use, there is no need to prepare a working solution. Spraying of plants is carried out either manually, using special tanks, or using aircraft.

treatment of fields with insecticide by aircraftThe use of the Eforia insecticide is possible simultaneously with other insecticides. With consistent mixing, it can be used even in tank mixes.

When mixing, the following rule should be observed: the next drug can be added only when the previous one is completely dissolved.

It can be sprayed in any weather, but preferably in calm weather. At the same time, they make sure that the drops do not scatter too much to neighboring plants. As for the consumption rates of the Eforia insecticide, they depend only on the type of crop.insecticide consumption rates


work with insecticide in personal protective equipmentEforia belongs to the drugs of the average toxicity category. Therefore, when using it, you must carefully observe all precautions and wear protective equipment that does not allow contact with the drug (special suit, gloves, glasses).

Insecticide is dangerous for bees and inhabitants of reservoirs.

Therefore, before carrying out the procedure, you need to notify the nearest beekeepers about the event. The permissible flight range for bees to the spray zone is at least 5-6 km. It is also forbidden to carry out work near the reservoirs of fisheries..

Insecticides in plant pest control – video

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