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Instructions for use and consumption rates of Presto insecticide

insecticide presto Presto is an insecticide, the instructions for use of which are presented below, is used to eliminate various pests (more than 100 varieties, including ticks, leaf rollers, thrips, bedbugs, aphids, phylloxera) that have affected grape vines, vegetables, grains, melons, and fruit trees and flowers.


Externally, Presto is a liquid suspension, packaged in bags of various sizes. The drug is based on two active ingredients:

  1. Clothianidin (its content is 200 g / l). This component has strongly pronounced systemic properties and is easily absorbed by the roots of plants, and rises up the stem and protects even untreated areas from pests, including young shoots that have grown after treatment. This means that the drug will remain inside the plant and will not wash off in the rain. The death of insects begins after a quarter of an hour, and their complete destruction – after about 2 hours.
  2. Lambda-cyhalothrin (its content is 50 g / l). This substance protects against similar pests, quickly penetrating through their cuticles, and causes problems with the nervous and digestive systems, and subsequently its death within 24 hours. In addition to the fact that the substance has intestinal, contact and residual properties, it also repels pests. Like clothianidin, it is absorbed by the plant and retained in it for a long time..

Due to the two-component composition, in which each substance acts in a different way, the effectiveness of the drug is greatly increased, and the action begins almost instantly.

Insecticide Presto: instructions for use

application rules Work should be started when there are a lot of pests on the plants. To begin with, prepare a working solution according to the norms for the use of drugs for each of the cultures..

Processing is carried out in calm, windless weather, preferably in the morning or evening after sunset.

It is desirable that the ambient temperature does not exceed 25 ° C. For high efficiency, the product poured into the sprayer should be applied evenly to the entire plant..

pests that Presto works againstFor a particular crop and pest, there is a concentration of Presto insecticide, which must be observed for high efficiency and durability of the result..drug consumption rates

Benefits of the drug

Among the advantages of an insecticide are:

  1. Effective against a wide range of pests, including leaf gnawing, sucking and hiding.
  2. Profitability, since one small sachet of 4 ml of the drug is enough for 4 ares planted with plants.
  3. The death of pests occurs a quarter of an hour after treatment.
  4. Low resistance.
  5. The effectiveness of the drug lasts up to a month.

Security measures

personal protective equipmentWhen working with Presto, it is important to strictly follow the prescribed safety measures, in particular not to eat, drink or smoke. It should be ensured that the drug does not get on the skin, mucous membranes and eyes..

Presto is toxic to fish and honey insects.

It is also necessary to observe the time interval between processing and harvesting. So, for melons and grain crops, this period is a month, for berry and fruit trees – 1.5 months. As for vegetables, for those grown in greenhouses, the time period is 5 days, and outdoors – 20 days..

Knowing the instructions for using the Presto insecticide, you will be able to use the drug correctly, control consumption rates, and observe safety measures. All this leads to the fact that your plants will be reliably protected from pests, and later they will be thanked with a good harvest..

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