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Insecticide “BI-58” new – instructions for use for each individual case

bi-58 new instructions for use

The fight against harmful insects exhausts not only gardeners, but also the plants themselves. To simplify the hard work of the farmer will help the new insecticide “BI-58”, the instructions for the use of which contain some features. It lists dosages for a variety of crops, and lists pest groups. In addition, it explains how the pesticide should be diluted, what is its shelf life and how to spray the plant with the working solution..

This agent belongs to the category of organophosphorus compounds, since the active ingredient in it is dimethoate. Once on the surface or in the intestines of insects, it paralyzes living tissues. In the green mass of the crop, chemical bonds remain for 3 weeks, thereby protecting it from pests.

“BI-58 new” is relevant for “old” pests

bi-58 new in big package

The universal drug has both systemic and contact effects on arthropods. During processing, the plant absorbs toxic components. Then they are instantly distributed to all fibers, cells. After that, the culture for 21 days turns into a deadly object for living organisms. It is only necessary for ticks, scale insects or aphids to taste the vegetable juice, as within 24 hours, they will cease to exist.

insects will die within 24 hours

A similar effect is observed when the new generation of insecticide “Bi-58” comes into contact with the outer cover of insects. Contact with the agent on their surface leads to paralysis of the respiratory tract, as well as the nervous system..

Given these features of the drug, it is used to combat 3 groups of known pests:

  1. Sucking. Scabbard, aphids, spider mites, bugs and leafhoppers.
  2. Gnawing. These include bears, cereal flies, butterflies, bugs, caterpillars, thrips, and fruit moth..
  3. Larvae of all the listed limbs.

need bi-58 treatment

A feature of the BI-58 preparation (instructions for use are given below) is that the active components of the chemical penetrate even into the growing parts of the culture. So young shoots, formed ovaries, inflorescences and roots already contain a sufficient amount of a poisonous mixture. For this reason, after processing the site, contact with plants is allowed only for 4 days, and in the case of indoor or greenhouse specimens – after 2 days.

The insecticide is perfectly combined with various kinds of fertilizers, as well as fungicides. However, the chemical is modified in an alkaline environment. At the same time, it retains all its properties at low (-5˚C) or high temperatures. Nevertheless, when the mark rises to 50-55˚С, the substance begins to melt.

“BI-58 New” – instructions for use, taking into account all the dangers

instructions for use

Despite such a wide range of pesticide effects, it is very harmful and dangerous for humans, bees, fish and warm-blooded animals. Therefore, they are forbidden to spray flowering plantings, otherwise they can destroy their apiary. In addition, the last cultivation of land is advised to be carried out 30 days before the start of the harvest. In this case, it is worth avoiding the ingress of the chemical into water bodies or other sources of water..

In closed rooms, plant pickling is planned no more than 2 times a year: in spring or at the end of summer. After the procedure, be sure to ventilate the room..

houseplant treatment

Many gardeners are interested in when to spray their plants with BI-58 insecticide. According to the instructions, this is done during the growing season, as well as at a temperature of + 20-28˚С. In such conditions, the effect of active substances reaches its maximum value..

The dosage of the working solution for each culture is as follows:

  1. Grape. A pesticide will need 1.2-2.8 liters per 1 hectare of planting or 10 liters per 30 m². Waiting period – month.
  2. Potatoes – 2 l / ha, up to 20 days.
  3. Vegetable crops – 500-900 ml / ha.
  4. Pear and apple – 2-5 liters of solution per tree. Processing is carried out before or after flowering. The action is observed within 40 days, as indicated in the instructions for use “BI-58 new”.
  5. Raspberries, currants and gooseberries. There are up to 1.2 liters of solution per one hundred square meters.
  6. Sugar beet – 0.5-1 l / ha per month.
  7. Winter wheat, oats, rye and other cereals – 1-1.5 l / ha with an effect of up to 30 days.
  8. Ornamental / indoor plants and shrubs – 1 l / m².

treatment of grapes with BI-58 new

With the exception of apple and pear trees, spraying is recommended during the growing season. The maximum number of treatments is 2 times per season. The interval between them is the waiting period indicated on the package. For different cultures, it lasts 20, 30 or 40 days..

Do not forget about precautions. Goggles, gloves, mask and tight clothing / gown must be worn. After etching, be sure to wash your hands (elbows) and face with soap.

How to dilute the drug “BI-58 new”

bi-58 in ampoules

The preparation of the solution largely depends on the degree of infection of the planting, the “appetite” of pests and the type of culture. Usually manufacturers indicate on the packaging how to breed “BI-58 new”. Basically, for 10 liters of liquid, in rare cases for 20 liters, 10 ml (2 ampoules) of the chemical will be needed. To combat the bear, agronomists advise to apply the insecticide directly to the soil.

When planting tubers, seedlings or seeds, prepare the bait:

  • fry the cake, grains, garbage or mixed fodder (up to 6 kg);
  • 10 ml of the drug is mixed with aromatic food;
  • leave to infuse for 2-3 hours;
  • during planting, they are embedded in the soil to a depth of 3 cm.

fight with a bear

To prepare the solution, soft water is needed. Admixtures of clay or other rocks lead to modification of the concentrate. Moreover, experts recommend heating the liquid to 20 ° C..

It should be noted that the “BI-58 new” shelf life is no more than 2 years. Store the container with the drug in a dry and cool enough place. It is noteworthy, but 1 liter of this liquid contains 400 ml of a poisonous substance. For this reason, the emulsion is hermetically sealed and packed in a bag or box. Keep her away from children, food and fire.

drug storage rules

Having examined the instructions for the use of the new generation BI-58, one can see that it is a very poisonous insecticide. The consumption of the product depends on the degree of plant infestation. A toxic chemical (2 ampoules of 5 ml each) is diluted in 10 liters of soft and slightly warmed water. A spray bottle is used for spraying. Re-processing is planned in 30-40 days. By using this insecticide to treat insect pests, the farmer will greatly simplify their care and protect their crops..

Garden treatment with BI-58 – video

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