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Instructions for use of the Borey insecticide preparation

insecticide boreas against pests Instructions for the use of insecticide Borey defines this drug as a suspension concentrate designed to combat a wide range of pests. The high efficiency of the product is due to its simple composition, which includes two potent components – imidacloprid and lambda-cyhalothrin.

Appointment of funds

Boreas insecticide is used at the summer cottage This drug seems to be a unique tool for controlling pests of the most important agricultural crops, which makes it extremely popular among both ordinary gardeners and agronomists. According to the instructions for the use of Borei insecticide, the duration of action, as well as the resistance of the agent to sunlight, makes it an ideal choice for pest control of the following plant varieties:

  • rape;
  • carrot;
  • beet;
  • cereals;
  • cabbage;
  • potato;
  • onion;
  • apple trees;
  • grape.

Among other things, the borealis insecticide can be used to treat pastures and other areas where it is necessary to destroy insects that are dangerous to plants, such as locusts, gnawing and sucking pests..

Benefits of the tool

Considering this drug and its use, it is advisable to note that it is toxic to fish and beneficial insects, and also harms the environment..

In connection with this circumstance, the tool was prohibited for use in summer cottages and found application in the professional field..

The advantages of Borey include:

  1. Two main components with different types of pest impact.
  2. Fast and long-lasting effect from application.
  3. Is able to destroy secretly living insects.
  4. Demonstrates results even against pests resistant to other insecticides.
  5. Does not lose its properties under the influence of sunlight and high temperatures.

From the instructions supplied with the drug, you can find out that it is sold in one-liter bottles, and the consumption rate of borealis insecticide is up to 200 ml per 1 liter of water.

Application of the drug

field treatment with insecticide boreasGiven the high danger of the product for many species of beneficial insects, including bees, precautions must be taken. The interval between treatments should not be less than a month. According to the instruction for the use of Borey Neo, the insecticide does not pose a danger to humans, however, it is forbidden to process crops in a wind stronger than 2 m / s. In addition, if there are a number of beekeeping farms, they must be notified 5 days before processing..

The used container from the drug must be disposed of in specially designated places. The preparation of the solution is different for different types of treated plants, but the differences lie in the proportions. The algorithm is identical in all cases:

  • fill the spray tank up to half with water;
  • add the product in accordance with the proportions indicated on the package;
  • while stirring the solution, bring the volume of the solution to the required one, gradually adding water.

Thus, the insecticide Borey Neo should be prepared immediately before use, since storage of the finished solution is impractical. The agent demonstrates the greatest efficiency when processing plants during the growing season, when the number of pests exceeds the threshold of permissible values..

Consumption table

wheat needs processingConsidering the possible negative consequences of using the drug, it is necessary to strictly observe the dosage indicated by the manufacturer when preparing the solution for processing. According to the instructions for the use of borea insecticide, it is advisable to adhere to the following approximate proportions:

Plant Consumption, l / ha
Wheat, rapeseed, barley, potatoes, tomato 0.08-0.1
Beets, cabbage 0.1-0.12
Carrots, onions 0.12-0.2
Apple tree, grapes 0.3

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