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Green soap – reliable armor for plants

green soap

How sad to watch the wilting foliage of the once lush plants that fill the planet. However, there is a unique remedy – green soap that can protect them from irreparable harm. Experienced gardeners know how effective this insecticide is. Despite its chemical composition, the product is considered an environmentally friendly product. It does not exude harmful odors. Getting on the skin does not cause burns or other unpleasant sensations. What is interesting for green soap for gardeners? When and how to use it effectively? Let’s try to understand the essence of the matter and create reliable armor for plants.

The product fits perfectly on leaf plates and green shoots, forming a sticky film. As a result, spores of harmful fungi and various insects do not take root on the crop..

Green soap: a set of “ingredients”

green soap preparation

The drug consists of natural ingredients, animal and vegetable in nature. In reality, it is not soap, although it is very similar to it..

An insecticide consists of ingredients:

  • water;
  • sunflower or soybean oil;
  • fats derived from lamb and livestock;
  • potassium salts.

The resulting product has a liquid consistency. Sprayers are often used to spray plants..

It is advisable to use the drug a week before harvesting ripe fruits..

Ambulance for plants

preparing the solution

Experienced gardeners understand why green soap is needed in the garden, so they actively use it as a protective agent. The secret of the natural substance is the formation of a film on the surface of the leaves. Thanks to this, the parasites are trapped. Those that remain on the surface stop feeding, multiplying and moving. They also become coated with a sticky substance that prevents them from laying eggs or even breathing..

Consider detailed instructions for using green soap. It will help protect gardens from various ailments and pests..

The tool is effectively used to prevent the occurrence of such diseases:

  • late blight;
  • scab or rust;
  • cytosporosis;
  • powdery mildew;
  • fungal spot.

green soap with active ingredients

Often, green soap is mixed with active ingredients:

  • ash;
  • tobacco;
  • garlic;
  • herbal decoctions.

To do this, take about 100 g of the drug. Then it is diluted in 10 liters of tinctures from various herbs. The resulting product is abundantly sprayed with garden crops. As a result, a protective environment is formed against all kinds of diseases. Here’s What Green Plant Soap Is When Used Properly.

The diluted preparation is absolutely harmless to soil microorganisms, earthworms, birds, inhabitants of reservoirs and bees.

Wide range of applications

using green soap in the garden

An effective remedy is obtained by combining 50 g of soap and 1 liter of boiling water. When the emulsion has cooled, pure water is added to it with constant stirring..

The solution is used for processing:

  • fruit trees;
  • berry bushes (currants, raspberries, blackberries);
  • garden crops (cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes).

The procedure is carried out on cloudy days or after sunset.

pest and disease control

The composition of green soap allows it to be used in the fight against harmful insects:

  • aphids;
  • various caterpillars;
  • spider mite;
  • soil fly;
  • miniature false shield.

green soap against pests

Some gardeners combine fungicidal soaps with ash and tobacco waste. On 10 liters of water, put 25 g of the drug plus the active substance. The solution is insisted for 24 hours. Used for spraying garden crops from annoying insect pests. To do this, it is important to follow the instructions for green soap from pests of a particular species..

A substance prepared from the following components will help get rid of bedbugs:

  • potash soap (4 hours);
  • turpentine (1 tsp);
  • kerosene (2 hours);
  • water (12 parts).

To combat aphids, soap (about 400 g) is diluted with 10 liters of water. It is easy to destroy the shield with a liquid consisting of 300 g of the substance diluted in 1 bucket of water.

You can use green soap from spider mites if you combine it with stronger insecticides:

  • “Decis”;
  • “Karbofos”;
  • “Intavir”.

For 10 l of water add from 40 to 100 g of the substance. The toxic agent will not only quickly neutralize the pest, but will also increase its stickiness on the surface of the sheet plate. In addition, it is important to know how to use green soap correctly so as not to harm the plants. It is strictly forbidden to add immunomodulators, all kinds of root dressing to the drug. Otherwise, the culture can weaken and even get sick..

As you know, when acid and alkali interact, hazardous compounds are formed. They can adversely affect the growth and development of a culture. Green soap is slightly alkaline.

Grapes are the “sun”

green soap for grapes

This was the name of the favorite culture in an old children’s song. Today, more and more summer residents are engaged in the cultivation of grapes. They put a lot of effort into protecting the fragile shrub from attacks of annoying insects and all kinds of diseases. It turns out that green soap and grapes are great for each other. The use of an insecticide has a positive effect on the integrity of the vine and crop yield. Ripe juiced berries will surely delight gardeners if they spray the bushes in time.

This is best done on a warm, windless and dry day. A soap solution from pests is prepared in the usual way: 250 ml of the substance is enough for 1 bucket of water. During the season, the vine is sprayed 2 or 3 times. The procedure begins with the root of the plant, trying to direct the stream to the places where the pests are concentrated. After 12 days, spraying is repeated.

The treatment of grapes from fungal diseases is carried out evenly throughout the plant..

Spectacular armor for the indoor garden

green soap for indoor plants

Fans of green spaces, who do not have a summer cottage, successfully grow gardens in their homes. Unfortunately, ornamental plants also suffer from ailments and pests. Using green houseplant soap can help with this problem..

houseplant treatment

Processing is carried out all year round, since the substance is a natural and pure product. The solution is prepared in the usual way: dilute 250 ml of liquid in 10 liters of water. Then apply it to the side and bottom of the room culture.

The drug is convenient to use in home greenhouses, where the flowerpots are almost close to each other..

Royal flower – orchid


The blossoming buds of a delicate flower leave no one indifferent. Therefore, the plant has taken its rightful place in the home oases of greenery. The flower is bred as a central element of the decor of the room, which is decorated with living plants. Unfortunately, orchids are susceptible to various diseases and attacks of insect pests..

orchid pest control

One of them is a mealybug. It affects the leaf plates of the plant, causing irreparable harm to it. To protect the orchid from pests, prepare a green soapy solution. To enhance the effect, it is mixed with additional substances..

orchid pests

The maximum dose of the product is 100 ml per 1 bucket of water. Processing is carried out at least 3 times with an interval of 7 days..

damaged orchid

If the parasites have seriously damaged the flower, the procedure is repeated. Unique green orchid soap has a beneficial effect on the plant, increasing its flowering period.

Of course, it is important to use any drug with caution, adhering to hygienic standards. The procedure is performed with gloves, away from children. In case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse with running water. It is advisable to apply the diluted substance on the same day. Soap residues should not be poured under the roots of trees, shrubs or garden crops. Caring for the environment is commendable.

Green soap for indoor plants – video

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