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HOM drug – instructions for use, features and precautions

Hom preparation instructions for use One of the simplest and most affordable fungicides is the HOM preparation, the instructions for use of which are presented below. Its value lies in the fact that its composition is suitable for garden and ornamental plants, destroys pathogens of fungal diseases and is suitable for use at home. However, it is important to strictly follow the dosage and safety rules when working with the substance – otherwise there is a risk of poisoning.

Composition and mechanism of action

fungicide HOM HOM is a broad spectrum fungicide. It goes on sale in the form of a powder, which must be diluted with water and sprayed with plants for the treatment or prevention of fungal diseases. The active element of the drug is copper oxychloride, which is contained in a concentration of 90%. It destroys various types of fungal microflora of garden, fruit and ornamental plant varieties. This is a contact fungicide, that is, it works when it comes into direct contact with an infection. It must be applied by spraying. The remedy is most effective in the early stages of diseases, as well as for prophylactic purposes.

HOM is a drug against pests of contact action. It is quickly washed off with water, so it will be ineffective in rainy weather..

Dosages for different types of plants

diseased tomatoesInstructions for use of the HOM preparation means diluting the powder with water. The ratio of the active ingredients is important, since the concentrated substance can cause burns to the green parts of plants. The product should be used several times per season – copper oxychloride is easily washed out by precipitation and ceases to act after a while.

The table contains instructions on how to dilute HOM for spraying various types of plants, and also indicates the diseases against which the drug will be effective:

Culture Indication for use Concentration Method of application Number of treatments per season
Potato Macrosporiasis, late blight, various types of rust 40 g of powder per 10 l of water 10 liters of water is enough to treat 100 square meters of plantings 5
Beet Cercosporosis 100 ml for spraying 1 m2 of plantings 3
Tomatoes Brown spot, as well as macrosporiosis and late blight For 1 square meter of planting, you will need 100-150 ml of working solution 4
Cucumbers Anthracnose, bacteriosis, peronosporosis 100-300 ml per meter of planting 3
Apple tree, pear, quince Scab and moniliosis Consumption of solution 3 from 2 to 5 liters per tree, depending on its size, should be used for the prevention of diseases 4
Berry trees Clusterosporosis, coccomycosis, curliness, moniliosis
Grape Anthracnose, mildew Use for prophylaxis. The consumption of the finished solution will be up to 150 ml per 1 meter of surface 3
Bulb onions, hops Peronosporosis 20 g per 10 l of water 200 ml of working solution per 1 square meter of planting 3
Ornamental plants Various types of stains and rust 30-40 g per 10 liters of water Process before and after flowering. The consumption of the finished solution will be 100 ml per 1 m 2

HOM is a preparation for treating plants from fungi for prophylactic purposes, as well as in the initial stages of the disease. The infection affects the underground and vegetative parts, so it is easier to prevent its occurrence..

HOM drug – instructions for use

fruit tree processingWhen working with HOM, the instructions for use are mandatory. The drug is in the form of a water-soluble green powder, it is packaged in small packages of 20 and 40 g, as well as in large boxes of 10 and 20 kg. The first type of packaging is suitable for home use, the second is more profitable for industrial cultivation of crops.

It is not used in its pure form; for spraying, the drug must be prepared according to the algorithm:

  • measure the required amount of concentrated powder in a large container (it should not be metal);
  • dilute with water in the proportions indicated in the table and stir;
  • pour the working solution into a container with a spray bottle;
  • evenly distribute the liquid over the aerial parts of the plants;
  • the drug is not stored in a diluted form – it should be prepared for one use and used immediately.

Fertilizer HOM, according to the instructions, is approved for use throughout the growing season, except for the period of flowering and fruiting. The harvest becomes usable only after 3-4 weeks, and cucumbers and tomatoes – after a week.

Fungicide Precautions

precautionary measuresCopper oxychloride belongs to the 3rd hazard class (low hazard), but requires certain precautions. It is also ranked as a hazard class 3 for bees, therefore, processing is prohibited during the flowering period of plants. It is not recommended to spray it within a radius of 2-3 km from apiaries, as well as 5-6 hours before the expected summer of bees.

Despite the fact that the drug is low-toxic, if used improperly, it can cause serious disruption of the respiratory system, allergic manifestations and poisoning.

To avoid undesirable consequences, it is enough to follow a few simple rules:

  • when diluting the powder, as well as when spraying plants, wear a protective suit, mask or respirator, gloves;
  • do not take water and food, do not smoke during procedures;
  • do not prepare working solution in containers, which will then be used for food or feed;
  • after processing, immediately remove protective clothing and wash hands with soap and water;
  • do not allow the presence of children and animals when spraying, store the concentrated powder out of their reach.

If diluted copper oxychloride comes into contact with the skin or mucous membranes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If the solution is accidentally swallowed, the stomach should be emptied and any available sorbent (activated carbon) should be taken. If signs of an allergic reaction appear (redness and swelling of the mucous membranes, outflows from the eyes and nose, skin rash and itching), work with the drug should be stopped.

HOM is a fertilizer for tomatoes, potatoes, beets, fruit and berry trees, as well as ornamental crops. It is easy to use and affordable, suitable for household and industrial use. Despite the fact that it is usually well tolerated and low toxic to humans, it is important to read the instructions and take precautions when working with a fungicide..

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