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How Chunky Plant Growth Regulator Works

plant growth regulator Chunky

Among the many drugs, the plant growth regulator Chunky, the instructions for use, which are quite simple, are in incredible demand. With the help of such a tool, it is easy to achieve a high and high-quality harvest. The tool increases the immunity of grown crops, strengthens their root system, makes plants resistant to various stresses.

What are growth regulators

improved plant growth

For plants, a growth regulator is like dietary supplements for humans. They are suitable for a wide variety of cultures. Such mixtures are used not only for vegetable crops, but also for indoor flowers..

Safety precautions must be observed before using retardants. Even a small amount of liquid that can cause skin irritation or burns.

The most popular types of growth regulators:

  • Alfastim;
  • Artafite;
  • Promalin.

The growth regulator Krepen is no less popular. Its effect on plants is similar to that of Chunky. The drug differs in composition and instructions for use.

Purpose of plant growth regulator Chunky

the result of using the drug Chunky

Plant Stimulator Chunky can be used to grow garden crops, ornamental plants, flowers.

The composition will help eliminate such problems:

  • poor rooting of cuttings and seedlings;
  • decrease in the defenses of plants;
  • loss of decorativeness, weak flowering;
  • shedding of the ovary, decrease in yield, especially of vegetable crops;
  • excessive stretching of vegetable seedlings when planting it early, its poor survival rate.

The preparation Chunky is indispensable for seedlings. It has a positive effect on young plants, improves their characteristics and appearance, which is felt throughout the entire growing season..

Benefits of using the tool

plant after application of plant growth regulator

The effect of this growth regulator on the culture is short-lived. A stocky one will only be beneficial if it is brought in at the right time of the growing season and properly care for the seedlings: provide it with the necessary nutrients, water it in a timely manner, and protect it from pests and diseases. Only then will it bring the maximum effect for indoor plants, horticultural and horticultural crops in the form of abundant flowering and fruiting..

The main advantages of using a growth regulator:

  1. Increases plant resistance to disease, drought, frost.
  2. Flowering occurs earlier by 1-2 weeks.
  3. Improvement of the ornamental characteristics of plants, more pronounced foliage pigmentation, prolonged and abundant flowering.
  4. Increase in yield, decrease in fruit losses by 20-30%.
  5. Indoor plants do not stretch over the winter months and do not become faded.

The drug Chunky is absolutely safe for humans, since it has no cumulative effect. The tool is entered in the register of drugs, it is approved for use, has a 3 hazard class.

But, despite all the advantages, Chunky, like other growth stimulants, has one drawback. Its action is highly dependent on climatic conditions, soil, species and varieties of plants that are processed.

Plant growth regulator Chunky: instructions for use

treatment of plants with a growth regulator

Seedling preparation Chunky is a plant growth regulator with high efficiency. Its main active compound is a water-soluble concentrate of chlormequat chloride. There are no analogues of this component in nature..

Due to the composition, all the nutrients received by the plant and solar energy are used not only to build up green mass, but to form flowers, to increase productivity and high taste of fruits.

Growth Regulator Chunky is a universal remedy, since it is used for a wide variety of plants: both vegetable, fruit crops, and simply decorative or flowering specimens. Before use, it must be diluted in water. First, take two-thirds of the required volume of liquid, and then add the remainder and stir.

All retardants are mixed with water before use. But such a solution cannot be stored, it loses its activity..

Chunky is usually available in 1.5 ml ampoules. They can treat crops by watering or spraying. Depending on the type of plants, the consumption of the solution, its concentration and frequency of treatments, as well as the period of their implementation, are determined. Plants are sprayed in dry, calm weather in the morning or late in the evening, when the sun is not so hot. Permissible temperatures are from +15 to + 250C. After processing, the culture is not watered for 3-4 days.

Dosage of the drug for different plants

Method of application and approximate dosage:

  1. Indoor flowers are processed once when they form buds. The ampoule of the drug is opened, the contents are diluted in 200 ml of water. The dosage per flower pot is 50 ml.
  2. Ornamental shrubs are sprayed twice. The first treatment is carried out when the buds are laid before their pigmentation, the second after 6-8 days. 1.5 ml of the product is added to 1 liter of water. Depending on the size of the bush for each specimen, the consumption is from 50 to 200 ml..
  3. Seedlings of such crops as eggplants, peppers, tomatoes are sprayed three times: as soon as 3-4 leaves appear and two more times with interruptions of 5-8 days. For 1.5 water there is 1 ampoule of solution. Use up to 300 ml of the prepared mixture per 10 square meters.
  4. Seedlings of white cabbage are processed 2 times: when it forms 2-3 true leaves, then after 7 days. To do this, stir 1.5 ml of the product in 0.5 liters of water. For every 10 m2, approximately 300 ml of liquid is consumed.

Stocky is a growth regulator that activates phytohormones and mobilizes plant defenses. To get the desired effect, you should strictly adhere to the instructions and dosage of the product, carry out the required number of treatments. Reducing the frequency or decreasing the dosage, just like exceeding them, will not lead to anything good.

Where and how to apply growth regulators – video

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