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Bitoxibacillin – death for “annoying” insects

bitoxibacillin drug Gnawing and sucking pests in the garden can destroy the entire crop in a short time. Therefore, farmers are fighting hard against them, using the drug bitoxibacillin, known as BTB..

In pest control

pest control

This exotoxin is used to kill difficult insect pests:

  • Colorado potato beetle;
  • meadow moth;
  • spider mite;
  • American white butterfly;
  • caterpillars;
  • leaf rollers;
  • cabbage scoops, moths and whites;
  • silkworm;
  • hawthorn;
  • moths.

The peculiarity of this microbiological insecticide is that it does not accumulate in the soil, fruits, and also the plants themselves. It can be used throughout the entire growing season of the crop, especially during flowering..

In addition, bitoxibicillin is harmless for:

  • bees;
  • fish;
  • livestock;
  • birds;
  • human.

Despite this, experts recommend etching within a radius of 1.5-2 km from the apiary. At the same time, the years of bees must be limited for the next 6-12 hours..

Bitoxibacillin: detailed instructions for successful pest control

bitoxibacillin from parasitesThis exotoxin is suitable for the treatment of many fruit and berry and vegetable crops. Working fluid is also advised to process fruit trees, shrubs (currants, gooseberries) and grapes. To get the desired result, you need to properly prepare the working solution. To do this, you will need 5 liters of warm water (15-20˚С) and the dosage of the concentrate suggested by the manufacturer.

According to the instructions for the use of bitoxibacillin, a small amount of liquid must be added:

  • 20-25 g of insecticide for the destruction of leaf-eating caterpillars;
  • 20-40 g – moths, leaf rollers or moths;
  • 20-50 g – Colorado potato beetle;
  • 30-40 g – grape leafworm;
  • 40-50 g – spider mites, sawflies and caterpillars.

spider miteThe dosage of the biological product depends on the damage to the crop and the stage of insect development. After adding the powder, the solution must be thoroughly mixed and supplemented to the volume specified in the instructions. The resulting composition must be filtered to remove sediment, which quickly clogs the spray nozzle.processing vegetables

Land dressing is carried out only when the air temperature rises above 18˚С, but it should not exceed 32˚С.

For processing vegetable crops such as potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes and peppers, the bitoxibacillin working solution consumption is 0.5-1.5 l / 10 m², and for:

  • grapes – 2-5 l / bush;
  • cucumbers (in the greenhouse) – 1-3 l / 10 m²;
  • carrots, currants and beets – 0.5-1 l / 10 m²;
  • fruit trees – 2-5 l / tree.

The frequency of treatments plays a special role in pest control. To cope with the Colorado potato beetle, you need to carry out 3-4 sprays every 7 days. To destroy spider mites in the greenhouse, 6 procedures should be done with an interval of 15-17 days.

For all other cultures, such manipulations are carried out according to the standard scheme – 2 etching with an interval of 7-8 days. The interval for vineyards can be shortened to 5 days.

Bitoxibacillin: from composition to action

microbiological insecticideThis unique biological product differs from all others in that it does not have a pronounced active substance. It was created on the basis of the spores of pathogenic bacteria, which have a wide range of effects on various pests. So, just 1 mg of bitoxibacillin powder mixture contains up to 45 billion active microorganisms.

The effectiveness of this exotoxin is due to the fact that it contains a high percentage of the finished toxic substance. Eventually:

  • the period of protective action of the insecticide lasts for 20 days, which makes it possible to destroy 2-3 generations of insect pests;
  • the resistance of the agent to temperature fluctuations increases (spores are activated even at a temperature of 13 ° C);
  • exotoxin is able to eliminate the most dangerous and “gluttonous” parasites.

Bitoxibacillin can be successfully used in combination with other biological products. Its effect will not in any way affect the activity of other pesticides or fertilizers..

dangerous pestNevertheless, despite its advantages, bitoxibacillin has significant disadvantages. The poisonous powder is not capable of infecting eggs, as well as insect larvae, so several repeated treatments have to be carried out.

Also, many farmers complain about the too long waiting period for the death of pests:

  • within the first 24 hours, insects stop feeding;
  • after 2-3 days they begin to die gradually;
  • and only after 10-14 days the complete disappearance of the population occurs.

fighting the Colorado potato beetleSadly, it is during this period that both the Colorado potato beetle and the caterpillar of the stalk can destroy up to 50% of the crop, or even more. In addition, bitoxibacillin has a pungent and unpleasant odor. For this reason, vegetables, after processing, have to be thoroughly washed. In this regard, it is not used for pickling strawberries, as well as elite varieties of currants and wine grapes. Given the recommendations given, farmers need to be wary of this poisonous powder..

Fighting spider mites on cucumbers – video

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