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Instructions for the use of the drug Lontrel 300 in weed control

instructions for use of the drug Lontrel 300 Lontrel is an effective weed control agent that is used on ornamental lawns, cereal fields, when planting strawberries, cabbage, beets and other plants. Instructions for use of the drug Lontrel 300 are clearly spelled out on each package and must be followed. This is a chemical that requires caution when handling. Violations of the rules of operation lead to serious poisoning of the body..

Drug action

The active ingredient – clopyralid – penetrates through the leaves of plants and is carried through all its systems and parts. The active substance is a synthetic form of a natural plant hormone. It slows down and disrupts the growth of weeds, due to oversaturation of systems and binding to phytohormone receptors.

After using the herbicide Lontrel, the plant receives a large amount of synthetic hormone, which leads to disruption of all its processes and entails subsequent death.

The oppression of the plant after using the drug begins already 12-18 hours after its use. Depending on the type, phase of development of the weed, its density, environmental conditions and other factors that affected during the treatment with the herbicide, the complete death of the weed occurs after 2-3 weeks..

Features of the use of the drug Lontrel 300

packaging of the drug lontrel 300 The use of the Lontrel herbicide will be effective for strawberries, strawberries, cereals, vegetables, at a time when the weed begins to actively grow. It all depends on the type of weed. Some are sensitive during the leaf stage, and some are susceptible to the drug when the stem begins to grow.

The optimum temperature for using these chemicals is 8-25 ° C. Such conditions are suitable for active growth and development of the weed, therefore, during this period, the herbicide quickly penetrates and spreads through the plant systems..

It is not recommended to process crops in the event of an approaching frost. The effectiveness of the herbicide after rain does not decrease (if 1 hour has passed after treatment).

To achieve maximum results, it is necessary to apply the substance evenly to the leaves of the weed, using a specially tuned sprayer for this. Also, you can use a slot nozzle, which in the process of spraying forms an average droplet size.

The ready-made solution must be used in the first few hours after dilution. After treatment, the sprayer and everything that has come into contact with the herbicide is thoroughly washed out under running water..

Instructions for use of the drug Lontrel 300

strawberry weed treatmentTo obtain a stable, effective, highly dispersed working solution, you need to fill the spray tank with half the required volume of water and add the required amount of herbicide. Mix all this for 10-15 seconds. Only pure water is taken for the solution..

preparation of working solutionThe consumption rate of Lontrel weed control on the lawn and strawberries is different. It depends not only on the type of crop, but also on what kind of weeds need to be destroyed. In both cases, the brevity of treatments is 1 time per season. Therefore, to effectively get rid of weeds, Lontrel is used according to the instructions.

The substance is stored in a special storage room that must be dedicated to pesticides and similar chemicals. The package must be hermetically closed, without any damage, at temperatures from -5 ° C to + 40 ° C.

Benefits of using Lontrel 300:

  1. The tool inflicts a destructive effect on weeds at almost all stages of its development..
  2. The presence of a high rate of penetration of the active substance and its spread through the systems and parts of the weeds.
  3. The drug can be combined with other herbicides.
  4. There is great effectiveness in the control of weeds of the Asteraceae family..
  5. Have an effect on annual and perennial weeds.

Precautions while using the herbicide working solution should be as follows:

  1. During processing, neither children nor animals should be present nearby.
  2. In work, it is imperative to use gloves, a respirator and protective clothing that is intended for such purposes..
  3. It is permissible to store the drug in a dry, cool place, inaccessible to children, separately from food, animal feed.

When working with a herbicide, it is prohibited:

  1. Eat, drink, smoke during the process.
  2. Take for breeding, those containers that are used for drinking water, food products, animal feed.
  3. It is not advised to mix Lontrel in the same container with other types of pesticides..

If the solution comes into contact with the skin, eyes, mouth, rinse immediately with water and consult a doctor.

instructions for use of the drug Lontrel 300 on the packageLontrel quickly destroys all kinds of weeds. It has advantages over other herbicides. The success of the treatment will depend solely on compliance with the rules for using Lontrel-300 according to the instructions.

How to apply the systemic herbicide Lontrel 300 – video

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