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How to distinguish real mushrooms from false mushrooms

mushrooms mushrooms Mushrooms are in great demand all over the world. They gained their popularity not only due to their attractive appearance, but also their high taste..

Mushrooms moss: description, types

mushrooms from the Boletov family This type of mushroom belongs to the famous genus Boletovs. Adult specimens reach more than 20 cm in diameter. Depending on the species, the pulp acquires a yellow, reddish, blue tint. Like all mushrooms, the hymenophore is at the bottom. The hymenium of the flywheel is tubular. The pores are much wider than other types of forest mushrooms.

Types of flywheels:

  • green;
  • yellow-brown;
  • red;
  • brown (Polish);
  • fissured.

Boletus mushrooms are a relative of boletus.

Edible mushrooms differ from false ones by the presence of a bluish color, which stands out when pressed on the hymenophore. The mushroom leg is covered with wrinkles. It reaches 8 cm in length. Spore powder can be of different colors.

Fractured flywheel

fractured flywheelIt grows in deciduous and coniferous forests. You can meet him from July to October. Compared to other species, the fissured flywheel has a thick and fleshy cap. From above it is matte, abundantly covered with cracks of various sizes. The cap grows up to 10 cm in diameter.

In adults, the pulp has a slimy consistency, which is not very suitable for making salads..

The pulp is red, rarely white. The stem of the mushroom has a cylindrical shape. It differs in a yellowish skin, near the base it is reddish. In an adult specimen, it can reach 6 cm in length and about 2 cm in diameter..

The mushroom mushroom is distinguished by the color of the pulp when pressed. Initially, it turns blue, but after a few minutes, the place turns red.

This type is suitable for salting, preservation, frying. Also, the cracked flywheel is dried and added to salads..

Description of the appearance of brown flywheel

flywheel brownThe brown look of the flywheel is often called the Polish mushroom. It has a brown cap that takes on the shape of a pillow. It reaches 20 cm in diameter. The lower part of the cap is whitish. When pressed, a bluish or brownish spot appears.

Cylinder-shaped leg, thick. It grows up to 14 cm in length and 4 cm in diameter. When pressed, it also changes its color to blue. The pulp is firm enough. Fresh mushrooms have a pleasant fruity or mushroom aroma..

Polish mushrooms are the most popular. They are also dried, fried, pickled, frozen. Brown mushrooms are also used raw..

Mushrooms are harvested in conifers, less often in mixed forests. They grow from July to November. It all depends on the region.

Feature of the flywheel red

flywheel redAn equally popular species that is easy to recognize by its rich red cap. He prefers deciduous fox, or rather the areas are covered with moss and grass.

Since the red flywheel darkens quickly, it is recommended to cook it immediately after cutting..

The hat is small. In an adult fungus, it does not exceed 8 cm in diameter. The hemophore is yellowish; at the slightest pressure, it turns blue. The leg has a cylindrical shape. Its height reaches 10 cm.It grows about 1 cm in diameter.The main part is yellow, but closer to the base it becomes red-pink.

As for the pulp, it is quite dense with a yellowish tint. Such mushrooms grow in the period from August to September. In its raw form, it exudes a pleasant aroma, which evaporates during cooking..

Compared to other species, the red flywheel is not recommended to be dried or frozen. This is due to the fact that the pulp quickly darkens and the workpieces lose their presentation. Such mushrooms are salted, canned and fried.

Distinctive features of the yellow-brown flywheel

yellow-brown flywheelScientists who have studied the yellow-brown flyworms argue that this species must be attributed to the genus Maslyat. This is due to the fact that the structure of the mushroom is very similar to an oil can, although outwardly it does not resemble it at all.

The hat has a brownish yellow tint, the edges are bent. Its size is about 144 mm. In adult specimens, it changes its color to light ocher. The skin is very difficult to separate from the pulp. When pressed, a deep blue stain remains.

The stem of this mushroom is long, cylindrical. It grows up to 90 cm tall. Leg thickness about 3.5 cm, lemon shade. As for the pulp, in the yellow-brown flywheel it is dense and quite firm. Mushroom picking is carried out from July to October.

Green flywheel

green flywheelThe most recognizable type of mushroom. Such a flywheel is distinguished by a rich brown hat, which can exceed 10 cm in diameter. The leg of this species is also cylindrical, green in color. Closer to the base, it expands. The mushroom grows to a height of 9 cm.The thickness of the leg does not exceed 3 cm.

The green appearance of the flywheel is not suitable for drying, since the blanks can darken during long-term storage..

The pulp of a green flywheel is distinguished by its density and elasticity, which mushroom pickers really like. When cut, it changes its hue to blue. A green flywheel grows near the roads, in the fields. You can also see him in the forests. Mushrooms appear from the second part of May to the end of October.

How to distinguish dangerous from edible mushrooms

blankIn the forests, parasites are very common. Although they do not belong to the group of poisonous mushrooms, they can still spoil the dish..

Doubles taste bad. In sire and dried form, they contain bitterness, which does not always disappear even during heat treatment..

Moss twins:

  1. Chestnut. The hat is brownish-red. The pulp is snow-white, does not change its color. It is this mushroom that is often confused with the Polish mushroom..
  2. Bile. Such a flywheel grows from June to October. The cap is slightly wavy at the edges. It contains a pink liquid that gives the bitter taste. The gall fungus is never damaged by insects.
  3. Pepper. The hat is light brown, convex. The pulp is light with a yellowish tinge. On cut, such a mushroom changes its color to red..

Knowing all the features of mushroom mushrooms, you can provide your whole family with healthy and tasty preparations. The main thing is not to confuse false and edible specimens, otherwise the dishes will be spoiled..

We collect mushrooms in the swamp – video

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