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Petunia grandiflora Limbo – cultivation and care features

petunia grandiflora limbo The large-flowered petunia grandiflora Limbo is a dwarf plant with good branching and abundant flowering for a long time. Shows good growth on sunny and protected from rain and wind loamy and sandy loamy soils.

Petunia grandiflora is an indispensable inhabitant of any flower garden or balcony. It is considered almost the most popular plant for decorating flower beds. The flower earned such love for its pleasant aroma, variety of colors and shapes. Bright cascades of fragrant flowers, which can be seen from the beginning of summer until the first frost, can transform even the most primitive garden.

From a simple but strong plant, over 200 years of breeding work, scientists have created an amazingly beautiful variety of petunia grandiflora limbo. Usually it is planted in flower beds, ridges and borders. In the photo, petunias grandiflora can be seen even in small flowerpots, where they feel great and grow excellently thanks to a well-developed root system, which allows them to be used as hanging decorations.

petunia In carpet plantings, they get along well with begonias, lobularia, coleus, cineraria and other ornamental plants. The combination of large-flowered petunia grandiflora with verbena, snapdragon, marigold levka, celosia, ageratum and other annuals allows you to create a flower garden of amazing beauty, since all of the listed plants have the same height and excellent color combination.

The growth of a dwarf variety of petunia grandiflora limbo occurs only in diameter. Therefore, there is no need to use various growth stimulants. A characteristic feature of the petunia grandiflora, the photo of which can be seen on this page, is a strongly branching bush, strewn with huge flowers up to 12 centimeters in diameter. Its maximum height in a flowerpot is about 15 cm, and in open flower beds it reaches 25 centimeters. Also, the advantages of a hybrid variety include early and long flowering in comparison with other large-flowered series..

Growing petunia grandiflora

It is better to grow petunia in a seedling way. Using this method, it is possible to get an adult plant much earlier and plant it on a flower bed. Growing petunia grandiflora largely depends on high-quality seed material, so it is better to purchase it from a trusted manufacturer.

Sowing seeds in prepared soil can be started from February to the end of March. For sowing, small containers up to 7 cm high with holes in the bottom are suitable. Also, special attention is paid to soil preparation, since petunias have their own preferences in the composition of the soil. The soil mixture must be loose, porous and neutral..

Florists advise you to choose the following composition:

  • Humus (1 hour);
  • Sod land (1 hour);
  • Peat (1 tsp);
  • Coarse river sand (0.5 hours).

For disinfection, the resulting mixture is recommended to be spilled with a hot solution of potassium permanganate.

petuniaIn the prepared soil, seeds mixed with river sand are evenly woken up over the entire area, sprayed with a growth stimulator and covered with glass or film to create a microclimate. Before germination, good moisture is maintained in the soil by spraying it, or adding water to the pan.

The first shoots appear on about 5-7 days. From this point on, watering should be reduced. During this period, the substrate should be slightly damp, but not wet. The coating can be slowly shifted to the side and removed completely after 3-4 days.

After the first true leaves appear on the seedlings, they should be dived. Further, the planted plants are watered with liquid fertilizers every 10-15 days..

For growing petunia grandiflora, it is very important to organize additional lighting, since it is very demanding on light. To do this, you can use special phytolamps, LED lamps or fluorescent lamps. The only requirement that is imposed on them is not to increase the temperature and not create strong moisture around the plant..

As soon as roots appear from the holes in the bottom of the pot, the seedlings are ready for planting in open ground..

Petunia care

petuniasWhen choosing a planting site for petunia seedlings, it is necessary to take into account its weaknesses. With strong exposure to rains, it can be severely damaged, rot, or even stop blooming altogether. Therefore, it is better to break flower beds in warm and protected from wind and rain places on loamy and sandy loam soils..

Caring for petunias is not particularly difficult, but with prolonged dry weather, the flower requires additional irrigation. Also, the abundance of flowering of the bush will depend on the dressing. A week after the seedlings adapt to new conditions and until the end of August, complex fertilizers are applied under the plant every two weeks.

When caring for petunias, one should not forget to remove dried leaves and wilted flowers in a timely manner. This will improve the decorativeness of the landings..

Features of petunia care video

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