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How to correctly pick a petunia

sprout in a cup Petunia belongs to one of the most common garden flowers, despite the fact that this plant is a perennial, in our latitudes, due to the short spring-summer period, it is grown as an annual.

This flower is convenient for its versatility. You can always choose a variety or hybrid that will be appropriate in a mixed flower bed, and on an alpine slide, and in a rabatka, and in hanging baskets, and on loggias, verandas and balconies.

Unpretentious care, attractiveness and a long flowering period determine the widespread prevalence of this plant. The only difficult moment in growing is the initial period, from sowing to picking petunias.

Picking petunia from peat tablets

petunia in peat tabletsNow a fairly popular material for sowing flower seedlings is peat tablets, which are densely compressed peat, which increases in volume when it enters a humid environment..

It is most convenient to sow pelleted or granulated seeds into such a substrate, which are more suitable for spot sowing, as for the size of a peat tablet, 40 mm in diameter is quite enough for such a flower.

In fact, with this method of sowing, picking petunias from peat tablets, in the classical sense of this process, is not needed, but it is worth noting that in the phase of two true pairs of leaves (this is approximately 3 to 4 weeks after sowing) the plants need to be transplanted.

To do this, it is necessary to prepare disposable cups or seedling pots of small diameter, filling them with nutrient soil with good physical and mechanical properties (loose, light, with sufficient carrying capacity), which will allow the active development of the root system, and, accordingly, the aerial part of the petunia, then make a small depression in the center of the soil that filled the pot.

Next, you should moisten the seedling tablet well, place it in the recess and sprinkle it with soil so that it is completely hidden, spill thoroughly with water and put the container with seedlings in a place with good lighting.

Picking petunias for seedlings

seedling petuniaWhen sowing seeds in seedling boxes, petunias should be dived onto seedlings in the phase of the appearance of the second pair of true leaves. To do this, it is necessary to prepare separate planting cups for each plant, fill them with a ready-made loose light nutrient mixture, then make a small depression in the middle of the top layer of soil in pots.

Having thoroughly moistened the soil in the seedling box, you can start picking. To reduce the trauma of the process for delicate and fragile petunia seedlings, not to damage the still weak root system, it is best to use tweezers, especially if ordinary seeds were used during sowing and the seedlings are very thickened.

petunia pickWet soil should be slightly “raised” with a spatula (for this it is very convenient to use the tools from the kit for home floriculture – they are small and light), stepping back a centimeter from the start of shoots, then pick up one plant with tweezers and carefully transfer it to the previously prepared pot, place it in deepening, sprinkle with soil and spill.

Such manipulations should be repeated with each plant. Diving a petunia is not difficult, although, of course, this process requires painstaking, special accuracy, patience and not accepting haste. Next, the pots are placed on window sills or shelves with lighting, the soil in them is moistened as it dries, the feeding mode is selected and the lighting is adjusted (if we are talking about greenhouse growing of seedlings).

No need to dive petunia

petuniaMany experienced flower growers with extensive experience in growing petunia seedlings have come to the conclusion that the easiest way to get healthy seedlings is bypassing the picking process..

This can be done using spot seeding by immediately setting the desired seeding step (distance between plants). The most convenient way to do this is using pelleted or granulated seeds, which are much larger than petunia seeds in their natural form..

Each gardener and florist, who has gained his personal experience in growing flower seedlings, chooses the most convenient sowing method for him, decides for himself how to dive petunia.

Beginning flower growers would like to wish patience and attentiveness in this painstaking business..

The main thing is to love flowers with all your soul, to spare no effort, time or care for them, and then your garden will turn into a beautiful paradise motley corner.

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Video: how to dive a petunia correctly

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