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We use pig manure as fertilizer in the garden

pig manure as fertilizer Pig manure is a product of food processing in the digestive tract of pigs. Pig manure as a fertilizer has many properties, both useful and not very, or even extremely harmful, which is the reason for its very careful use..

The main feature of pig manure is its availability and saturation with useful substances and elements like nitrogen..

Do not forget about the main difference from cattle manure: pork contains a large amount of acids. This is due to the fact that in the digestive tract of animals there is no mechanism for the breakdown of acids into other useful elements. So, let’s divide the properties into useful and harmful.

The useful ones include:

  • nutritional value;
  • saturation with nitrogenous substances;
  • good porosity;
  • poorly passes heat.

Only saturation with acids and a longer decomposition period than other types of excrement can be attributed to harmful.

How to use pig manure

collection of pig manure What to do with pork manure if there is a lot of it? Of course, you need to use it, but carefully and in the right amount.. First of all, it should be noted that pig manure is:

  • fresh;
  • half rotted (half rotted);
  • rotted;
  • humus.

Each of these conditions has its own characteristics..

Fresh manure

fresh manureFresh manure is quite dangerous to use, as it is very saturated with acids and a large amount of nitrogenous substances. Its age is up to 6 months. When feeding plants with such manure, they will suffer from acid and nitrogen burns, and the soil may become unsuitable for their growth for a long time. Moreover, many still not rotted food residues and plant seeds can clog the soil, and the eggs of parasites are dangerous to human and domestic animal health..

If you urgently need to fertilize the soil, then fresh manure can be mixed with a small amount of lime, and also mixed with cattle manure or horse manure in a 1: 1 ratio.

It is allowed to use fresh manure in spring or autumn when the plants are not planted. Mulching the soil with such manure should be excluded. These actions will not only reduce acidity and nitrogen, but also kill many types of parasites. If you need to fertilize the soil, it is better to use horse or cattle manure. Therefore, fresh pig manure should not be applied under any plants..

Half rotted manure

semi-rotten pig manureShould lie from 6 months to a year. The use of semi-rotten pig manure is already less dangerous for plants and soil, but still requires caution. It is still moist and contains a lot of acids and nitrogen. They use it by adding small amounts to the soil in the fall, while digging it up.

Rotten manure

rotted pig manureShould lie for over a year. Such an additive is useful, it will lose about 50% of its weight in weight, it will no longer be supersaturated with nitrogen, and most acids will decompose into useful elements, weed seeds will rot, and parasites will die. However, this is still a concentrated fertilizer that should be added in about 5-6 kilograms of fertilizer per square meter..

Then do not use nitrogen fertilizers, nitrogen in the rotted manure will be quite enough!


humusIt is the best organic fertilizer. For pork manure to become humus, it needs to lie in a heap or compost pit for more than 2 years. The qualities of humus are most suitable for feeding the soil: looseness, good heat transfer, absence of parasites and helminths, balanced amount of nitrogen, as well as a minimum amount of acids along with an abundance of trace elements.

Is it possible to get humus faster than 2 years?

pig manureCan. And there are several ways to achieve this goal..

First, mix pig manure with cattle manure or horse manure. This will reduce the humus formation process to 1.5 or less..

Secondly, adding sawdust and ash:

  • will shorten the time due to the decrease in the acidity of the droppings;
  • clearing weeds;
  • improved exchange of moisture and microelements;
  • increasing the friability of the finished product.

In this case, you can use pig manure with sawdust as a litter of trees or a basis for soil..

Thirdly, there is a way of laying manure in the soil for the winter. To do this, before the beginning of winter, lay fertilizer on the soil, and also cover it with soil from above. During the winter, it will go into a state close to rotted, which will significantly shorten the transformation period. This method is also effective in garden beds. Pig manure is processed quickly due to contact with the soil and snow cover, which guarantees the preservation of heat during the processes of pounding and decay, as well as sufficient moisture.

Mark the beds. Pour small amounts of pork feces in their place or between them. Cover with earth on top. In the spring, it is advisable to dig up the beds and fluff them well, so that the soil additionally interacts with the manure. At the same time, you can add a little plant ash to avoid soil oxidation..

Similar actions can be done with manure, simply laying it out in layers on the soil and making layers of leaves or straw. Do not forget about the contact of manure with the soil. This is the main reason for fast fermentation, and will also help create conditions for optimal moisture and porosity..

Compost pits and heaps

compost pits

Compost pit is the most common and one of the best quality methods for obtaining fermented manure. This method of processing further guarantees the use of pig manure as a quality fertilizer. A little ash, lime or superphosphate (5 kg per 100 kg manure) can be added to the compost pits. This will lower the acidity. Soil contact will reduce nitrogen, but don’t plant around a pile or hole for several years..compost

Burning manure

dry manureIf the manure is dry and quality and speed are important to you, not quantity, then it can be set on fire. It is also a great way to dispose of pig manure. This will ensure:

  • deprivation of moisture;
  • destruction of weed seeds, microorganisms and helminth eggs;
  • decomposition of acids;
  • balancing nitrogen.

For the greatest benefit from the resulting ash, you should mix pig manure with dry leaves, straw or horse droppings. This is not humus, but its full replacement in case of urgent need for soil fertilization. It can be sprinkled on the beds in the fall or early spring. Ashes can be mixed with water (1 glass per 10 liters of water) and water the plants.

Pig manure dung has a very high heat transfer and energy content. Therefore, this method is the answer to the question of what to do with pig manure if you do not need it as fertilizer. Biological fuel made from manure, not only from pig manure, is already widespread in the CIS.

This ash is a concentrated fertilizer. It is worth adding it to the soil in small quantities to prevent the reverse acid reaction – alkaline. It is also worth digging up the site. In no case should you use this ash instead of wood when spraying plants..

Is it possible to fertilize a vegetable garden with pig manure? Of course. However, you should not forget the recommendations already listed..

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