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Ampelous beauty petunia Marco Polo

petunias marco poloPetunias Marco Polo can be attributed to universal groups that adapt to unfavorable growing conditions: drought, early frosts, prolonged rains.

On the Russian market, the Marco Polo group is represented by five ampel varieties of basic colors:

  • Marco Polo Blue (purple);
  • Marco Polo Lilac (purple);
  • Marco Polo Rose (pink);
  • Marco Polo Red (bright red);
  • Marco Polo White (snow white).

Petunia Marco Polo is one of the large-flowered representatives of the cascading petunias. The size is due to the absence of female flowers, only male flowers on the shoots that do not set seeds. In comparison with the well-known and popular group of petunias Gioconda, the flowers are larger, and the shoots are more powerful and longer..

If we compare the reviews, Marco Polo petunia is indispensable for creating flower arrangements in hanging pots and garden vases. When planted in a flower bed, one plant produces a flowering carpet with a size of more than one square meter..

In order for the cultivation of Marco Polo petunias to give complete satisfaction from the always blooming bright balls, you need to heed the advice of experienced florists and follow some rules.

Soil preparation for petunia Marco Polo

For sowing seeds in small cups, you can use a ready-made substrate for petunias, which has a fertile composition. For subsequent planting in containers, boxes or pots, it is better to prepare the soil yourself by mixing turf soil, old humus, peat and perlite.

The introduction of perlite into the composition of the soil reduces its weight and does not allow it to dry out, which is especially important when growing petunias in containers.

The same mixture can be used for a flower bed, filling holes prepared for planting with it. High seed germination can be achieved by creating a special microclimate on the surface of a moist and slightly compacted soil.

Growing seedlings

The main condition for growing Marco Polo petunia seedlings is good illumination and temperature conditions:

  • after germination, all seedlings need to provide a temperature of + 18-20 ° C during the day and + 14-16 ° C at night;
  • regular spraying watering;
  • artificial lighting throughout the day so that the seedlings do not stretch;
  • airing the sprouts during the day;
  • diving of seedlings into a looser container (one plant at a time) at the 3rd week after germination;
  • feeding seedlings from the 5th week under the root and on the leaves;
  • hardening of plants before being taken outside and transplanted into open ground.

To get a strong, branched Marco Polo petunia plant with large flowers (5-7 cm) two weeks earlier than the stated dates, it is enough to pinch the main stem above the fourth leaf at the age of 6-7 weeks. If the seedlings suddenly bloom before planting, the flowers and buds must be cut off so as not to load the bush.

Growing petunias Marco Polo in the garden

Petunia in a flowerpot The Marco Polo cascading petunia feels great in the garden in open, well-lit spaces. When planting seedlings in a flower bed, remember that you will not be able to take your favorite plants out of the scorching summer sun. Therefore, you need to choose a place for a flower bed with all responsibility. To shade petunias on the hottest days, you can temporarily use a shade net no more than 40% shading.

When planting petunias in a horizontal line, it is enough to leave 40-50 cm between the bushes so that they do not interfere with each other and look like a solid flower garden. Petunia Marco Polo looks great in the photo in containers, boxes and street pots. The main advantage of growing in containers is the ability to remove plants on hot days in partial shade and protect them from diseases.

Secrets of growing petunias Marco Polo from professionals

PetuniasPetunias feel great on artificial high flower beds of various designs, which, if desired, can even be moved. Reviews on the page say that Marco Polo petunia is not particularly whimsical, but it responds to attention and care with exuberant flowering all year round.

In the fall, you can bring the petunia pots from the garden to the room. With sufficient watering and moderate temperatures, petunia Marco Polo will delight you all winter with cheerful colors. And in the spring from last year’s bush, you can cut cuttings for reproduction. With this method, full-fledged bushes of the desired variety can be obtained much earlier..

Video: an experienced gardener about petunia

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