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Potato cultivation technology

Full harvest in the country With the seeming unpretentiousness of the potato, it responds very well to the quality of the soil, top dressing. With the observance of agricultural technology and the use of new yielding varieties, it may not be possible to collect a ton from a hundred square meters from a home agronomist, but getting 18-20 full-weight tubers from each bush will become real. To do this, you need to know how to get a good potato crop. See also: potato gratin in the oven – a recipe with a photo step by step.

Plant development periods

Sprouted potatoes Like every culture, potatoes have several stages of development, in which they have different needs for nutrition, loosening, weeding. These stages can be roughly divided:

  • pre-planting tubers and planting;
  • period before flowering;
  • cessation of the development of the bush;
  • wilting and drying of the plant.

Each of these periods requires its own harvest accumulation technology. What potatoes have in common is that this plant requires loose, evenly moist soil during the first three stages of development. For the ripening of the crop, excess moisture in the soil can affect the safety of the tubers during storage..

Spring chores

Planting tubers in open groundPreparation of the land is very important for harvesting. Sowing green fertilizers (siderates) and embedding them in the soil in the fall will be the best for summer residents. In the spring, it is required to prepare well a layer of earth of 30 cm. It is here that a large mass of the root system is concentrated. It is during this period that weed control on potatoes begins, and it continues throughout the season..

Potatoes should be planted in warm soil. A sign that the soil is ready is the blooming of a pretty penny birch leaf. It is impossible to be late with planting, you need to use the maximum solar activity for the development of the bush. For additional supply of the tuber with strength for fast vegetation, it can be soaked in an ash solution, EM-1 Baikal.

The frequency of potato rows depends on the ripening period of the potatoes. For an early crop, the distance should be at least 60 cm and the distance between the holes is maintained at 30 cm. Potatoes do not tolerate shading and will begin to stretch towards the sun to the detriment of the harvest. When planting potatoes, fertilizers are applied to the hole for rapid development, taking into account the nature of the soil. However, in any case, a handful of humus, a spoonful of ash and a teaspoon of kemira for potatoes will not hurt. You can also add a handful of onion skins to the hole. If there is scab on the site, sphagnum moss copes well with it, which is also added to the hole. It is better to prepare the starting soil filling in advance by thoroughly mixing all the components than to feed the potatoes.

The entire prepared mixture in the hole should be thoroughly mixed with the ground, and then put the sprouted tuber sprouts up.

Vegetable garden after the first hillingIn two weeks, the first seedlings of young plants will appear. At this time, it is best to get rid of the noxious weeds that will begin to sprout after the potatoes. How to weed a potato when it is not yet eaten? If you do not want to constantly weed the field and compact the ground with your feet, you can apply an herbicide against weeds on lapis lazuli potatoes. Once, before sprouting or when they first appear, and the field will be clean all summer. No grueling potato weed control required.

Avoiding germination and before flowering

Lack of fertilizerIn the first period of growing green mass and a set of buds, the potato lays the number of nodules. Therefore, there is a rule: if you want to have a lot of tubers, you need to water the potatoes in the first half of summer. And if you want to have large tubers, then moisture is required until mid-August.

If the soil is well filled with organic matter, green manures from the fall and into the hole when planting, then apart from moderate watering without waterlogging, the potatoes do not need anything. One has only to carry out foliar processing for feeding with micronutrient fertilizers for the best taste of future tubers. But if the marginal burn of the leaves begins, yellowness or dots, then feed the potatoes, the sooner, the faster the result will be seen.

You should know that food begins to act through the roots in two weeks, and through the leaves in three days. The best will be foliar feeding in cloudy weather or in the evening, so that the leaves do not get sunburn..

We ensure the yield and taste of potatoes

Timely processing of potato bedsHow to feed potatoes in summer? Several foliar dressings should be carried out during the season. To do this, you can use extracts from superphosphate, ash solution, EM-1, and ready-made preparations, such as:

  • raikat;
  • kelik;
  • solyukat.

They contain a balanced composition of nutrients that potatoes need during a given period..

So, top dressing with the use of Raikat fertilizer stimulates the development of bushes. And good photosynthesis is the key to the future harvest. Used to enhance starchiness and flavor, Raikat finish is applied even at the last stage of plant development. It promotes the rapid outflow of nutrients from the tops to the tubers..

Kelik, a fertilizer based on potassium and a balanced composition of trace elements. Potassium is responsible for the taste of the tuber. Therefore, ash at any stage of development cannot interfere with the plant..

Solucat, in addition to 40% potassium and 28% phosphorus, contains sulfur, magnesium boron. These trace elements are essential at all stages of plant development. How to get a good potato crop? Scientists say that a plant produces crops depending on the presence of the least amount of necessary substances in the soil. That is, if there is a deficiency of some element in the soil, then the harvest will depend on it..

A rich harvest of a summer residentWe should not forget about the treatment with fungicides at the end of July and beginning of August in order to contain the appearance of late blight. If the soil retains moisture at a depth of 10 cm, the plants in mid-August have a healthy green mass, which means that the harvest has already been provided with care. It remains to protect the garden from excessive moisture in September and wait for the tops to dry.

The potato field must be prepared in the previous autumn by sowing green manures and embedding them in the soil..

Spring feeding when planting in a hole and several foliar treatments in summer will help to compensate for the removal of missing elements. The field must be free of weeds and moderately damp. High strokes of potato rows create the best conditions for root development and tuber formation.

Practical tips for growing potatoes – video

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