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Reviews of growing bagged potatoes

Potatoes in bags at their summer cottage Gardeners are always rushing the time. No sooner had the snow melted than the landing harvest began. There are many ways to get the harvest faster. Vegetables are planted in greenhouses, hotbeds, and warm ridges. But with potatoes, everything is not easy. It must be planted in warm ground, returnable morning frosts in one hour can turn a young bush into black straws sticking out of the ground. Therefore, potatoes are planted with the expectation of stable heat at the time of germination. You can watch a video on how to plant potatoes in order to harvest a good harvest.

We put in a bag, we collect in July

So a new way of speeding up has appeared. What do potatoes need? Warm, damp earth, sunlight and no freezing temperatures when the leaves come out of the ground. These are the conditions with a good light soil composition you need to create in order to get:

  • potatoes in the country in places inconvenient for cultivation;
  • as a curiosity on a balcony or loggia;
  • for a very early harvest.

Potato growth in a bag Consider how potatoes grow in a bag. Preparing humus mixed with old brown sawdust. It is imperative to add wood ash and superphosphate to the composition. On one humus, potatoes will not be starchy. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the soil in bags dries out very quickly in summer, so drip irrigation is organized, and the bag is placed in a pallet or dug a little into the ground..

Growing crops on the balcony

Potatoes on the balconyIn March, the potatoes must be put up for germination. It is better if these are very early varieties, Ukama or Jarla. Potatoes should germinate in diffused light. A little it needs to be sprayed from a spray bottle so that it does not wrinkle, does not lose moisture. In a month in April, the potatoes will be ready for planting..

Place the bag in the pallet while in the room. It is possible in a dark place. Pour a layer of the prepared mixture, moisten and spread three potatoes at random. After that, let it germinate, and as the seedlings appear, they will rise by 10 cm, put two more potatoes between those that have come out and sprinkle wet compost on top. Leave the planting warm, the darkness does not interfere with the development of the roots. All the seedlings came out and rose by 10 cm, now the bag should be taken out to a bright place.

Moisture control must be constant.

Harvesting bountiful crops earlyRight now, at the stage of germination and budding, the future harvest is laid, small nodules appear. Now it remains only to monitor the temperature of the air and soil, once again add a layer of earth so that, in general, it is 40-50 centimeters and wait for the harvest. Early ripening varieties grow quickly. If everything is done correctly, you can collect a bucket from five potatoes. It will be your own environmentally friendly harvest.

Feedback: Thanks for the advice! I have two balconies and have grown 5 bags using this recipe. Everything worked out. And I took potatoes for food from the valve of the bag, the rest continued to be poured. Cheboksary. Margarita.

We grow potatoes in bags in the open field

Potato bedThere are many useful tips in the global network. For example, a video on how to plant potatoes in bags in a cramped, unsuitable area. One is not noted how to keep the bags from drying out. This type of material allows water and air to pass through, which complicates the maintenance of the microclimate. The bags are set tightly to each other, by autumn they will decompose from moisture and the potatoes will have to be picked out of the ground. And if you do not monitor the humidity, then we will get a negative result in terms of yield. Excessive moisture will contribute to the growth of green mass to the detriment of the harvest.

The circumstances are different, maybe the bags are not so valuable to preserve them, but on the waste site you can get a good harvest of clean tubers.

A method of obtaining a super-early harvest in the open air

Combined growing methodPrepare compost, which consists half of cow humus, brown sawdust, ash, and be sure to revive the mixture by adding EM-1 Baikal. After treatment with microorganisms, keep the soil warm for 2 weeks. Then, in ordinary plastic bags, throw a handful of the prepared mixture and plant on a potato, cover it on top, so that it turns out half a bag and put it in boxes for germination in a greenhouse or room.

Gradually, when the potatoes sprout, add more soil, and so grow until the earth warms up and the bush grows up to 20 cm in height on the rack. By this time, the earth will become warm, on the surface up to six degrees. It is necessary to loosen the groove with a pitchfork, put the freed bushes in a row. Bury the plants a little in loose, moist soil and scoop up the upper warm layer from the aisle. Potatoes are planted and at the same time huddled.

After that, pull the arcs and cover the plantings from the bright sun and night frosts with agril or other non-woven material. When your neighbors begin to huddle their potatoes, you will already have a full harvest. Reviews about growing potatoes in bags in this way are enthusiastic.

Feedback: I supplemented the method of growing potatoes with seedlings. But she planted the garden bed in old hay dust and bedding straw from livestock. She covered the rows on the sides, raked the top of the earth. The bush warmed up better and the harvest in early July was like in September. Ulan-Ude. Dorzhieva.

Experiment, and good yields!

Checking the harvest of potatoes in a bag – video

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