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Growing potatoes in bags

Harvest potatoes in a bag Today, there are many technologies that allow you to grow early potatoes, increase the yield of this crop and control its pests. But with a lack of fertile soil, for example, in swampy, rocky areas, on poor organic sand and other inconveniences, it is difficult to get high-quality tubers in the proper amount.

In such a situation, it will be helpful to learn how to grow bagged potatoes. This unusual technology is a way to quickly get a harvest in the most adverse conditions. After all, fertilizing, removing excess moisture and other measures will take a lot of time and effort, but they will not be able to guarantee the yield of potatoes..

Conditions for growing bagged potatoes

Potato growing conditions The essence of the method consists in planting potatoes in bags, where the bushes grow. As planting containers, you can use both special bags with valves for picking tubers, and ordinary containers from flour or sugar.

The main condition for success:

  • providing potatoes with a loose nutrient medium for growth;
  • sufficient watering;
  • availability of lighting.

Potato bed along the wallTherefore, the first task for a gardener who decides to resort to the method of growing potatoes in bags is to find a place where an impromptu garden will be placed. The bags can be dug into the ground a little or placed near a support. Containers with bushes should:

  • well lit;
  • be available for plant care;
  • do not fall under drains from roofs.

If there is not enough planting space, the bags can be placed along the garden paths, near the terraces and walls of buildings. But it is better if the coating under the containers can absorb excess moisture flowing down from the plantings after watering..


Planting potatoes in a bagPotatoes are planted in bags with the onset of steady heat. In most regions with a temperate climate, this time occurs at the end of April or in May..

  • A loose nutritious soil with a predominance of humus is poured onto the bottom of the bag selected for planting. Depending on the depth of the container, such a layer can be from 10 to 35 cm..
  • A whole planting potato or pieces of tubers with eyes are spread on the ground, and then the plantings are covered with a 15-centimeter layer of light soil.
  • Planting materialThe first shoots can be expected in 8-14 days. When the sprouts rise 15-10 centimeters above the soil, they are sprinkled with soil mixture up to the leaves. This technique forces the potatoes in bags to give new roots on which young tubers will form..
  • The procedure for sprinkling seedlings is repeated until one third of the height of the bag remains to the upper edge of the container.

It is better not to use containers that are too deep, as the plants may not have enough moisture and strength to grow and form new potatoes..

If you study the process of growing potatoes in bags from the video, you can notice this feature and prevent mistakes in practice..Potato growing process


TuberizationNow planting only requires watering. Moreover, it must be remembered that due to the greater evaporation of moisture than in the soil, it will be necessary to water the plantings of potatoes in bags more often and more abundantly. Water is especially important during flowering, when the first tubers begin to form..

Experienced gardeners with experience in using this technology focus on the benefits of abundant watering, which soaks all layers of soil in a bag.

It is the access of air and the drainage of excess water that often becomes a problem when growing potatoes in bags..

  • If the material from which the container is made is dense enough, it is better to make small cuts at the bottom of the container before planting.
  • And a special valve at the bottom of the bag or bag greatly facilitates the removal of tubers and aeration of the root system.

Caring for bagged potatoesIf we talk about feeding plantings, then the moderate use of potash fertilizers when growing potatoes in bags has a beneficial effect on the yield and quality of tubers. But it is better to refrain from the abundance of nitrogen in dressings, since in this case the tubers do not mature for a long time and do not form a strong peel, which will not make it possible to lay potatoes for storage.

Harvesting with this technology falls on the second half of August. And if favorable conditions are created from 4-5 planted tubers, you can get up to 5 kg of quality products.

Pros of growing bagged potatoes

Neat potato bedsGardeners studying the question of how to grow potatoes in bags always note the abundance of positive aspects from the use of technology.

  • Planting does not affect soil pests and diseases.
  • Seedlings are more active and powerful than when planting tubers in traditional beds.
  • The labor costs of the gardener associated with weeding, hilling and digging up the crop are significantly reduced.
  • If there is a sufficient drainage of moisture in the bags, the tubers do not rot.
  • After removing the tubers, the released soil mixture is used to improve the soil in flower beds and under crops that do not have diseases in common with potatoes..

Difficulties in planting potatoes in bags

Compliance with technologyNo growing technology is complete without some complexities. Planting potatoes in bags is no exception.

  • Planting requires a large amount of nutrient soil, or preparing the potting mix is ​​time-consuming.
  • All bags need to be stabilized, which is easier to do with commercially available bags.
  • Bagged potatoes require constant moisture control.

The growing season for potato bushes is not so long, so it is important for plants to provide all conditions for the formation of numerous full-fledged tubers. Only in this case, the technology will not disappoint, but will give the gardener a rich harvest of clean large tubers..

Potatoes in bags – video

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