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Photo and description of potato varieties

Potatoes of different varieties Not everyone knows that a huge number of potato varieties are grown in the world. There are exotic species with unusual taste. We cannot imagine any holiday and an ordinary family dinner without a potato dish: mashed potatoes, fried, stewed, stuffed, with mushrooms. It is simply impossible to list all the dishes with this root vegetable. Let’s move on to exploring the most popular species. We will study potato varieties, photo and description.

Each name has its own flavor and method of preparation, which is hard to believe for the layman. But experienced housewives are well versed in potatoes and know which one is suitable for mashed potatoes, and which one for potatoes in “uniforms”. So, we present for review the most “popular” varieties of potatoes, their photos and description.

When choosing, you should pay attention to storage and resistance to temperature extremes, diseases!

Red Scarlett

Red Scarlet variety Dutch breeders did a great job and bred an incredible potato variety – Red Scarlett. It belongs to the early maturing, low plant, the flowers are red-violet. High yield, but often the size and quantity of root crops depends on climatic conditions. Potato tubers are oblong, even, reaching 150 grams. Culinary experts note the resistance of the culture to damage, and after heat treatment, the tubers do not change their color. Gardeners love this variety for its easy tolerance to drought, resistance to various fungi, diseases.

Sineglazka potatoes

Sineglazka potatoesThe favorite variety of gardeners and unpretentious storage potatoes “Sineglazka” firmly occupies a leading place in popularity among experienced summer residents. Early tuber formation (during flowering) allows gardeners to taste young potatoes after 40 days. In the context of the tubers are white, the culture got its name due to the blue eyes, which begin to germinate in the spring. The harvest is always consistently rich, from one hundred square meters to 500 kg. The flowers are light blue, large oval tubers. The variety is not stored for long, but it has an excellent taste. Resistant to scab, late blight, bacterial rot.

Potatoes “Nevsky”

Potatoes NevskyThose who like to eat early young potatoes will do well with Nevsky potatoes. Already on the 40th day after planting, the culture pleases with a boiled and tasty product. Dense tops, white flowers. Tubers are oval, light yellow rind, creamy pulp. Good storage properties even at very low temperatures. When planting, it should be borne in mind that the soil should be well warmed up, the tubers are whole and without broken off shoots. The variety is resistant to diseases and viruses. With proper soil treatment with fertilizer, potatoes will bring a bountiful harvest..

Potatoes “Lasunok”

Lasunok potatoesSpicy taste, resistance to diseases, temperature extremes are distinguished by Lasunok potatoes, bred by Belarusian breeders. Productivity – 650 centners per hectare, excellent digestibility. Housewives choose this variety for mashed potatoes, frying, stewing and other favorite dishes. Grown on an industrial scale, as it is easily stored and successfully transported over long distances. The peel is light yellow, the tubers are oblong, white in the section. Fertilizing the soil, the main thing is not to overdo it with fertilizing. The tops begin to sprout densely and “take” strength from the roots, which leads to the appearance of small fruits. Periodic watering, hilling, pest and disease control will lead to one result – the gardener will receive a generous harvest.

Rocco potatoes

Rocco potatoesBeautiful outwardly and very tasty cultivar, obtained by selection by Dutch specialists, the Rocco potatoes bear fruit in early August. This unique variety began to be grown in Russia 20 years ago. The culture has taken root very well in our climatic zone. Only two decades old and a delicious product can now be seen in any market. The color of the flowers is red-violet. The root vegetable is oval in shape, with a red peel. What is noteworthy is that the tubers of this variety are always of the correct shape without chipping and curvature. Maximum weight -120 grams. The tops are resistant to late blight, viruses, scab, and drought. The advantages of “Rocco” can also be attributed to good keeping quality and friendliness to the environment, which guarantees the preservation of the crop during long-term storage and transportation. Due to its resistance to transportation and keeping quality, the variety is grown on an industrial scale and “awaits” the buyer on the shelves of all stores and markets.

Rosara potatoes

Rosar varietyThis type has a unique taste, suitable for cooking various dishes. The Rosara potato variety was bred by German breeders. There are 12-15 tubers from one bush, the weight of one fruit reaches 115 grams. For the formation of the crop, 65-70 days are enough. The variety is resistant to fungi, diseases, potato crayfish, nematodes, scab. Easily tolerates low temperatures, which allows for a rich harvest in a cool climatic zone. Good storage makes it possible to grow Rosara potatoes on an industrial scale and transport them to various countries. Fruits with red skin, oblong, excellent taste. Raininess, drought, cold temperatures do not affect the variety, which is a guarantee of a high yield.

Riviera potatoes

Riviera potatoesThe light yellow oval tubers of the Riviera potatoes are early varieties and yield 40 days after planting. Due to its abundant fruiting, it belongs to the table varieties. It always has a beautiful presentation and excellent taste. Stores well, but given that this is an early variety, gardeners do not grow a crop for consumption in the winter. The culture is resistant to drought, low temperatures, rains, diseases, viruses. Also high resistance to potato cancer, nematode, scab. The variety is grown in the southern regions, does not bloom. The plant has a high stem, the eyes of the tubers are small.

It is strictly not recommended to treat early varieties with chemicals.!!!

Potatoes “Picasso”

Picasso varietyMedium late variety, after planting it yields 125-140 days. The potato “Picasso” was bred by Dutch breeders. Refers to a high-yielding species, yellow peel, pink eyes. Root crops are large, excellent taste. It is grown not only by gardeners, but also on an industrial scale. It is perfectly stored, easily tolerates high and low temperatures, drought, rain. Picasso potatoes are resistant to diseases, viruses, scab, late blight. The main cultivation areas are the Central Black Earth regions. Up to 570 quintals of potatoes are harvested from one hectare. This variety “prefers” frequent fertilizing.

The potato varieties listed above are the most popular. Each of them has

  • great taste,
  • richness,
  • resistance to viruses, diseases.
  • easily tolerates temperature changes;
  • takes root well in various climatic conditions of Russia;
  • resistant to long-term storage;
  • easily transfers long-distance transportation.

Low temperature, drought, high humidity during cultivation does not affect the yield. Choose according to your taste and plant your favorite potatoes in your beds. Today, finding an elite or rare variety is not a problem. All you need from a gardener is to work hard and the harvest will be great!

Video: “The best varieties of potatoes”

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